Colossal Chests Mod

What’s the best thing in the world of Minecraft which we use the most, most of the time as well? Of course, I couldn’t think of anything else, but the chest. Even if it’s the best thing and most used item, but sometimes it’s a pain in the a*s because the size of the inventory doesn’t seem to be enough even if you have tons of them. You have to craft it at the beginning of the game to the middle and until the late game. So, I’ve found a way to enlarge the size of the chest with more inventory of the chest with this Colossal Chests Mod.

Colossal Chests Mod

Colossal Chests Mod

Colossal Chests Mod

Colossal Chests Mod that simply adds in an insane size of the chest or colossal chest which comes in such a humongous chests by using multiple blocks. It’s so simple that the larger size of the colossal chest, the bigger size that you can manage your inventory. Anyways, this chest works exactly just like the smaller one or the standard chests.

While it can store goods with an amount of space equal to how many chests used into the construction of the colossal chest. This new chest seems to be perfect and good to store your stuff in with huge amount of inventory slot. However, there is a really big hole inside this chest. For example, if there is a creeper or tnt explode near your colossal chest and if there is just a single section of the chest is damaged, the entire colossal chest will be wrecked completely and all items inside start to dump everywhere.

As a result, even if this colossal chest is extremely useful in terms of storing goods in a single humongous chest and you don’t have to craft a lot of them, still you have to be very careful in managing yours in a safe spot where those dangerous surroundings cannot reach. So, this mod is not really a perfect just to replace the standard chest.

Colossal Chests Mod Main Features

  • There are massive size of chests added to carry an insane amount of items added into the world of Minecraft

Colossal Chests Mod Pros and Cons


  • You can store everything you own in one central location in a specifically single chest which will be completely easy to see from a distance because of its size and marking


  • If any single section of your colossal chest ruins or explodes from whatever damage it takes, the entire thing is going to be exploded as well with all the items blasted everywhere
  • This mod need Minecraft Forge and Cyclops Core in order to work perfectly

How to install Colossal Chests Mod

  1. As Minecraft Forge is required, download and install it first
  2. Download the mod named the Colossal Chests Mod
  3. Be sure to get both file with the most compatible version comparing to the game’s version
  4. Go to %appdata%
  5. Open .minecraft folder
  6. Head into mods folder
  7. Drop the downloaded mod here
  8. Finished
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