Confusion Map

Another good looking map that I would like you guys to give it a go is the map called Confusion Map. As some of you may know that this map was created by Foleros who also created the maps 2 Bits: Black & White 1&2. Here is the new map coming from the same creatively awesome person. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Confusion Map

Confusion Map

Confusion Map

Confusion Map is a custom map based on parkour theme as well. Don’t be bored about it because it you have a really close look at the screenshots provided above, don’t you think that thing do attract you. It’s going to be confuse! Pretty amazing that it’s really suitable matched for both the title of the map and the pictures. With this map installed and started to be played, you will be released into a new weird world that will confuse and make your mind lost. The same old parkour style won’t work here, so you have to figure out the new way to handle all the jumps. Be wisely in every step you take, it’s going to be a mess and fun as well. Moreover, here are some tips that will be useful for you. First of all, you are going to need to memorize platforms and locations that you have gone before and don’t trust everything even if that’s is your own eyes. I gave you this because there are some people who don’t really give a poo and keep randomly jumping to the ends, that’s kind of boring and those will never ever have a real fun!

Sorry if that’s not on the point, anyways, I really hope you guys have a lot of fun as I did playing with this awesome new creatively created Confusion Map. Sometimes, it seems so wrong, but it feels so right. What you see might not be real.

Confusion Map Main Features

  • This is a custom map based on parkour map, but it’s not really only about parkour
  • All the locations and platforms are really needed to be memorized

Confusion Map Pros and Cons


  • It’s going to be a bit difficult and challenging which you really do have to memorize all the platforms and locations so that you won’t miss your next step and complete it flawlessly
  • Very creative map which it doesn’t give you to do the parkour, you really need your brain to make your way to the goal as well


  • With the designs and the combination of the colors will eventually make you feel headache
  • If you change the texture to look simple, it’s going to be much easier which is a huge different, so it’s not recommended

How to install Confusion Map

  1. Download Confusion Map from the link download
  2. There are so many version available, just select only one most compatible to your game
  3. Go to %appdata%
  4. Open .minecraft
  5. Look for saves folder
  6. Put the downloaded file into the saves folder
  7. All done
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