Contemporary 64x Resource Pack 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

A brand new resource pack that I’m so excited to present to you guys is the map based on realistic, but that’s not the main point that you need to focus or keep on reading. What you have to do is to check those pictures below and let your mind take your valuable time and decision about this Contemporary 64x Resource Pack.

Contemporary 64x Resource Pack

Contemporary 64x Resource Pack

Contemporary 64x Resource Pack

Contemporary 64x Resource Pack is a realistic resource pack based which created by Nibblets. Please, just don’t quit yet, I know it’s the realistic resource pack again, but this time I swear it’s something new. This pack comes up with a 64×64 resolution. This pack will go perfectly with SEUS shader mod which will even make it more realistic for the light and shadow added. But before that, you might realize how awesome of the textures for every single block made right? They all look really cool as it can be used as a materials in building epic stuff. The textures might be similar to any other HD realistic resource pack, but it surely is different mostly in term of block designs. But most of you do know that the detail and the texture of the dirt block couldn’t be changed much differently right? This is like another option of the realistic HD resource pack based that you might enjoy with it. Even if it’s not finished and still in a heavy work in progress, but most of the textures of the blocks have been done as you can enjoy building something up right now.

Some of the textures in this Contemporary 64x Resource Pack might be like a duplication, but don’t worry about that, it’s not finished. Only the blocks are different from now, but in the near update, they will be something new and unique for sure and you guys can even comment what do you think of this map and even give feedback for the better updates about this pack as well. All credit to the developer.

Contemporary 64x Resource Pack Main Features

  • The resolution of this texture pack is 64×64
  • This pack is based on realistic look

Contemporary 64x Resource Pack Pros and Cons


  • Sand block is the best block in this pack which will be suitable to build something modern and luxury
  • HD resolution resource pack will give you another feeling mostly about the realism which you can’t get anywhere else but here
  • It supports shader mod as well. This is the opportunity that you should immediately take to help improving everything in your world to look more realistic and beautiful


  • The resolution of this pack might make your world unstable as it runs on 64x that will make your FPS dramatically shaking up and down, game crashed will be found a lot if you can’t really be able to play with
  • MCPatcher required to be installed first

How to install Contemporary 64x Resource Pack

  1. Download MCPatcher and install it first
  2. Download the file Contemporary 64x Resource or .jar in the highlighted link given below
  3. Head into your resourcepacks folder in the Minecraft directory, if you already know how, skip the following step 4
  4. Simply launch the browser and type in %appdata%/.minecraft/resourcepacks
  5. Copy and paste the downloaded file here in the resourcepacks folder
  6. Start the game
  7. Select the new texture pack and apply
  8. Have fun
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