Cooking for Blockheads Mod

This is a really interesting, awesome, and useful mod which made by Blay09. According to the old way to cook food in original Minecraft is just grilling right? By using the furnace, and crafting, but with this Cooking for Blockheads Mod installed, you are going to have the new way to do that which is much more interesting and not boring at all.

Cooking for Blockheads Mod

Cooking for Blockheads Mod

Basically, this Cooking for Blockheads Mod will add in new item called a cooking book to your world which will only show the recipes that you can currently make with the things you are carrying in your inventory which there also will be the optional upgraded version of the book as well which will be a bit more convenient as you can simply click on the recipes to cook instantly.

There are also five new blocks added which are from a Multiblock Kitchen Structure, such as of Cooking Table, Cooking Oven, and the sink which provides water for recipes and the fridge where you can store all your ingredients

If you find this awesome mod which provides the things you have been wanting, so what are you waiting for, let’s download and play with this awesome for loads of fun of those who love to cook!

Cooking for Blockheads Mod Main Features

  • Cooking book added to the world of Minecraft
  • There will be the recipes shown that can be made depending on the things in your inventory

Cooking for Blockheads Mod Pros and Cons


  • The new way of cooking rather than putting it in the furnace
  • The upgraded version one of the book helps you to cook really fast by just simple clicking it


  • There is nothing bad about this mod expect it needs Minecraft Forge installed for more features and some minor bug that not need to be fixed

How to install Cooking for Blockheads Mod

  1. Minecraft Forge is heavily needed, so download and install it first before doing anything with the mod
  2. Download the mod named Cooking for Blockheads Mod from the link download given below
  3. Go to %appdata% and look for roaming, open it
  4. Find .minecraft folder and there will be the mods folder inside
  5. Drag and drop the downloaded file into the mods folder
  6. Start the game and enjoy playing with the mod
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