Coterie Craft Resource Pack

Are you bored of using the default texture pack? What about using other texture packs which stray too far from its style. I would like to recommend you to check this Coterie Craft Resource Pack out. It’s like the upgraded version of the default look of Minecraft, without adapting or changing it too much. It is a very well known texture pack and pretty decent. If some of you prefer the default pack, this pack might change your mind.

Coterie Craft Resource Pack

Coterie Craft Resource Pack is a simple texture pack with 16×16 resolution which is the same resolution as the default pack. So, less resources consumed. It started with Quandary Texture Pack and keep developing till now.All things look softer, smoother, higher definition. Specifically, the rocks and glasses are much more better than the original one. It’s like a HD version of default Minecraft.Especially, the armors and weapons look so awesome, it’s like you are a real warrior.

Coterie Craft Resource Pack is so cool because it mostly preserve the original feel of Minecraft as changing the look and quality to something better, softer and smoother that would not be harmful to your eye.

Coterie Craft Resource Pack Main Features

  • High quality images of all things (softer, smoother)

Coterie Craft Resource Pack Pros and Cons


  • The blocks are much better, softer, smoother,
  • Look less grainy in appearance
  • No obvious bugs or flaws


  • No texture for mobs so all the creatures and monsters still look the same

Coterie Craft Resource Pack Change Log

  • Added old sounds (default)
  • Added  new texture
  • New golden chickens and squid types to random mobs
  • Edited sunstone
  • Added waterstone

How to install Coterie Craft Resource Pack

  1. Download the Coterie Craft Resource Pack
  2. Open your Minecrat
  3. In-game, click on “Options” and then “Resource Packs”.
  4. There will be a folder pop up.   
  5. Drag the file (.zip) and put it into this folder.
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