Counter Guns Mod

Have you ever played the game called Counter Strike: Global Offensive? It’s one of the most popular shooter games in the past as well as right now. If you are a true fan of this game and want some belonged items to be instantly delivered into the world of Minecraft, you should not miss Counter Guns Mod.

Counter Guns Mod

Counter Guns Mod

Counter Guns Mod

Counter Guns Mod that will simply focus on adding a lot of new and usable equipment as well as weapons according to the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive into the world of Minecraft. Basically, most of the basic things that you have seen in that game will be placed into this game. Currently, there are 7 different guns added and 4 different grenades.

Each of grenade and gun has their own distinct functionality which is pretty unique. Also, they are used for a specific purpose, so you might want to make sure you have picked up the right things before getting into a fight. All you have to start in order to get your hands on these new items is to craft the GunTable. It means that you will have some new recipes right? Of course, all of them are pretty straightforward as well, so there is nothing to worry about using this mod in single-player. Just so you guys know that all weapon like guns requires ammunition right? So, there is a new recipe to craft a Magazine Table which will allow you to craft and get all the ammo this mod has to offer.

If you are those who are fascinated with the shooter game like those guns and want them to be delivered into the world of Minecraft, this Counter Guns Mod is what you might not want to miss the most as it’s pretty much an early released with such fresh and brand new information together with some new contents that will let you enjoy your life in-game much more.

Counter Guns Mod Main Features

  • All of the contents and information of this mod is based and inspired by the game Counter Strike : Global Offensive
  • This mod currently adds in 7 different guns and 4 different grenades

Counter Guns Mod Pros and Cons


  • You can get your hands on many different guns and grenades to use in Minecraft world which the usage is depended on your preferences, but pretty sure that it’s going to so much fun
  • Using this mod with the PvP server that is based and focused to use firearm would a really good idea


  • Without Minecraft Forge with the same version as your game and the mod installed, this mod won’t work
  • The recipes are way too straightforward though
  • Guns and grenades might be too powerful in the world of Minecraft

How to install Counter Guns Mod

  1. Minecraft Forge is heavily required, download and install it first
  2. Download the mod named Counter Guns Mod with .jar or .zip file
  3. Start searching for %appdata%/.minecraft
  4. Find mods folder
  5. Copy and paste the downloaded file into the mods folder
  6. All done, start the game and enjoy the new mechanics added to the game
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