Craftable Barrier Block Mod 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

Have you ever found yourself struggling in protecting yourself from other harmful things outside of your place? Not only mobs for some of the troll players as well trying to jack you out. Do you have the way to protect yourself as well as trying to chastise them as well? If you don’t have one, I would like to recommend you the barrier block provided by this Craftable Barrier Block Mod.

Craftable Barrier Block Mod

Craftable Barrier Block Mod

Craftable Barrier Block Mod

Craftable Barrier Block Mod is a really interesting mod provide you only one new block which is the barrier block that can be easily crafted. What is so special about thing, you ask? It’s just a simple block that started with the red colored block, but it will eventually disappear or fade away in a few seconds and become invisible. However, it’s still there and even if you try to break it for hours, it won’t though because of another feature which is the unbreakable one. The recipes to craft this block is extremely simple, but might be a little too tough to acquire one thing and that is the nether star that you have to kill the wither first. Once you get it, you just put the nether star in the middle of the crafting table grid and fill all the rest of the blank with glass block, then you get the barrier blocks ready to be put anywhere that you’d like to. There are many ways to use this thing though. Not only you can use it to protect your place, but you can set up an invisible trap as well like the cage or whatever to catch those bad guys. Moreover, the secret stuff like secret bridge, stairs, ways, paths that you can create using this block will be the path that you are the only one who know and you can go everywhere.

This Craftable Barrier Block Mod provides you such an interesting block that will act like a protector, but in other ways of usage, you can apply and make something based on your preference and imagination to create something epic and amazing out of this mod. Like what I mentioned that you can create like the hidden cages, traps, bridges, and secret paths.

Craftable Barrier Block Mod Main Features

  • This mod adds in the new recipes that allow you to craft the barrier with many applications
  • The barrier block comes in red with crossed out circle which will disappears in a seconds and you will be able to see it only while you are in creative mode

Craftable Barrier Block Mod Pros and Cons


  • This new block will be extremely useful if your house or place is all covered with these invisible and unbreakable barrier protecting you from any harmful thing out side and players included as well
  • With this invisible and unbreakable barrier block, you can even adapt to use it  with your creativity making something epic like the mazes full of traps by using this block
  • You can even create your own secret path throughout the world that you are the only who know


  • Without Minecraft Forge, you can’t build a single of the new recipe of the new stuff added by this mod
  • When you want to destroy or want to rebuild, relocate or whatever, you will have to hold the block in your hand in order to see it even if you are the one who crafted and placed it

How to install Craftable Barrier Block Mod

  1. Download Craftable Barrier Block Mod from the link download provided below with the most compatible version
  2. This mod requires Minecraft Forge, so download and install it first
  3. Head into your Minecraft directory
  4. Look for mods folder
  5. Drag and drop the mod file inside the mods folder
  6. Finished
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