CraftBoy Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

Have you had experience of playing the game before or not? If you’ve never experienced before , or if you miss the older games in the past, today I would like to introduce you to CraftBoy Texture Pack. This work will bring you a better sense of the past. I ask you to think of a game species, it is called a “game boy” which was produced by Nintendo. The quality and characteristics of the Game Boy. Includes a detailed 8-bit graphics figures to create shade. All details green Therefore, this work will put you in touch with the old sense.

CraftBoy Texture Pack

CraftBoy Texture Pack

CraftBoy Texture Pack this is a work that has been developed to the latest version of the game MineCraft has been updated, features and specs to look consistent with the game called “game boy” If you are looking for experience in this manner. This is the work I would recommend that you download and install into your computer also CraftBoy Texture Pack, it has also been developing the features and details of which 16×16 resolution that can accommodate almost any computer in the current model. Because it ‘s fresh in the graphic below. So you do not have to worry about problems in work efficiency. It can work, balance and elegance in a classic style. If you are ready to download and install now just looking for a link to download the game CraftBoy Texture Pack.

CraftBoy Texture Pack Main Feature

This is a work that is developed to support the 16×16 resolution also has a buff and a classic. You will notice that the game looks a shade of green, so to make you feel the emotions of childhood as well.

CraftBoy Texture Pack Changlog

  • Improve and update the latest version
  • Work in 16×16 resolution

How to install CraftBoy Texture Pack

  1. Download and install CraftBoy Texture Packs
  2. Copy and place the .zip into  your texture packs folder.
  3. Run minecraft and enjoy!
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