Create Riding Mobs Bukkit Plugins

All the mobs in-game are not enough for you? I mean they are not scary? They look too normal? So, with this Create Riding Mobs Bukkit Plugins, you will be creating your own mobs riding each others, somehow it looks mess up, but it looks pretty cool for me. If you want to try this plugin, there is the link download below, check it out and have fun!

Create Riding Mobs Bukkit Plugins

Create Riding Mobs Bukkit Plugins

Create Riding Mobs Bukkit Plugins

Create Riding Mobs Bukkit Plugins is a plugin which made by ‘Shynixn’ This plugin will add a little bit change in your game, but not the system of it, and it does not add anything new to the game, like the mobs, items, or blocks. This plugin does what its name says which allows you to create riding mobs. This plugin is very easy to use, but if you confuse so, read further more about how to use it. In order to use this plugin, you will have to open NBT-HELPER and doub-click CreateRidingMobs, next just add the mobs that whatever you want and entities to the list, maybe zombie, skeleton, and so on depending on your preference. Then, change the order of the mobs by dragging and dropping to reorder them to be on top or bottom and press convert when you ready to go. Press CopyToClipBoard, then Start the game Minecraft and write /summon [X] [Y] [Z], then insert the nbtdata from your ClipBoard by using CTRL+V and FINISHED! You are good to go. Let’s see how strange of riding mobs you can make, maybe some of you are going to make it look the weirdest. For me I made it to look really creepy, and it does look pretty weirdo.

If you love to have a new mobs in the game, you might want to use this mod to create creepy riding mobs which sometimes give a creepy feelings when seeing it. So, be sure to try this Create Riding Mobs Bukkit Plugins out.

Create Riding Mobs Bukkit Plugins Main Features

  • You are allow you create your own riding mobs which depending on your preferences

Create Riding Mobs Bukkit Plugins Pros and Cons


  • New Mobs will be walking around your world, which you are the one who add them!


  • Google Chrome blocked the download link, so you have to use other browser

Create Riding Mobs Bukkit Plugins Change Log

  • Some minor bug issues fixed
  • Compatibility with the latest version of Minecraft

How to install Create Riding Mobs Bukkit Plugins

  1. Download Create Riding Mobs Bukkit Plugins
  2. Place the .jar and any other files in your ‘plugins’ folder
  3. Run the server and wait till it is fully loaded
  4. Type stop in the console to bring the server to a clean stop
  5. Run the server
  6. Done, your plugin should be completely installed and ready to be used