Creeper Awareness Mod

In your everyday life, you have to face with the dangerous surrounding in the game of Minecraft which it’s one of the best point that make this game the best! But what if there will be more challenging! More difficult, would you like to try it out!? If you are those who love challenge, I would like to give you this mod called Creeper Awareness Mod.

Creeper Awareness Mod

Creeper Awareness Mod

Creeper Awareness Mod is a really cool mod coming up with awesome ideas which is original and useful, but it won’t be that useful lol.  Basically, this mod will involve mobs and creeps with the features of running exploding creepers. This mod will be substantially expected to carry the terrifying features that most of us Minecraft who love challenges always wanted! With this mod installed from now on, mobs and creepers will not be peaceful as they were to be in the past day. It may sound scary or terrifying, but if you know how to avoid them by reading the instructions in the very right way, you will be able to avoid them easily. The instructions will be explained as the pictures above. First of all, remember that there will be safe zone where you will be completely safe and have nothing to worry about. Standing from these position, you are going to have a chance to see the most spectacular view of explosion that will blow the victims up and suffer from it. Next if the warning zone, in this zone you are still safe here, but you should not do anything or move just a bit far away because you are really near to the explosion zone. Last one if the affected zone, there is nothing to say about, and being in this zone you will see the face of god bringing you to the heaven!

If you find this mod interesting and useful, which will help to tell you the zone of the explosion that you will never have to worry about being blown up and your precious inventories are gone, please give this awesome Creeper Awareness Mod a go!

Creeper Awareness Mod Main Features

  • Original and useful mod added which will help to search for each entity in radius for the creeper or the tnt that is going to explode

Creeper Awareness Mod Pros and Cons


  • A really useful mod and original which comes up with the new idea that have never happened before
  • More challenge about those explosive things!
  • Those who do not love peaceful, this mod is really suit you guys


  • Those mobs and creepers will not be peaceful as they were to be in those past days
  • Minecraft Forged is heavily needed to prevent game crashed and mod not working

How to install Creeper Awareness Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download the mod with the name Creeper Awareness Mod with .jar or .zip file with the version suited to the game
  3. Head to %appdata%
  4. Head to .minecraft/mods folder
  5. Drag and drop the downloaded jar/zip file into this folder
  6. If the mods folder does not exist, you can create one
  7. Done!
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