CreepyPastaCraft Mod – Download and install CreepyPastaCraft Mod it’s coming now! Welcome to the official post for CreepyPastaCraft! Creepy pasta is a collection of short stories and paranormal / horror, this will add some of the characters from the story. Please visit original here for all the characters and information for this mod. Don’t miss this CreepyPastaCraft Mod

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CreepyPastaCraft Mod Compatibility

- Singleplayercommands
– Toomanyitems
– Forge
– Balkon’s Weapon mod
– Thirst mod
– Ropes+
– Custom NPC’s
– Smart Moving
– MATmos
– Jammy’s Furniture
– Slenderman mod (oh irony)
– Slender mod
– Mo’ Creatures

How to Install CreepyPastaCraft Mod

  1. Download ModLoader
  2. Download and Install CreepyPastaCraft Mod
  3. Look at Link download below this post
  4. Extract the folder from the downloaded zip to desktop
  5. Run the installer from the extracted folder.
  6. Don’t remove it from the folder
  7. You can also try running the installer as administrator if you are on windows 7.