CubCon Texture Pack

This was built to accommodate CubCon Minecraft gaming server. It was originally used for CubCon server cinematic introduction video, but it was so well receive that it is being use permanently as the main texture for that server. CubCon Texture Pack is being made with the idea of beautifulness in mind. It make everything in Minecraft look sharper and more realistic (I seriously wonder why is everything trying to make Minecraft look more realistic?)

CubCon Texture Pack

CubCon Texture Pack

CubCon Texture Pack work well with Minecraft and it is compatible with lot of other shader and graphic texture pack. So think of CubCon as an improved version of Minecraft graphic where you can use it as main core and use other texture to make it more interesting.

CubCon Texture Pack Main Features

  • Resolution 64 x 64
  • Improve overall graphic of MineCraft
  • Main Idea is using this texture pack to create promo videos

CubCon Texture Pack Pros and Cons


  • It is near perfect to use this pack to create video for promoting in youtube and other social network


  • Require Plug in
  • This pack doesn’t do much other than improve the overall graphic quality of MineCraft

CubCon Texture Pack Changes Log

  • Ice texture been change
  • Added new panoramas
  • Overall quality of the texture become brighter due to complain about texture being too dark in previous version
  • Background of the game menu been change
  • Fix minor bugs in previous version

How to install CubCon Texture Pack

  1. Download and install either of MCPatcher or Optifine into your computer
  2. Open up .minecraft folder
  3. Find sub folder call texture packs from .minecraft folder
  4. Download Texture Pack from our download link
  5. Copy and Paste everything you just download to texture packs folder
  6. Startup MineCraft
  7. Before you start playing, make sure you select Texture Pack
  8. Done! Happy Gaming Fellow MineCrafter
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