Cube Survival Map

We all love playing with Minecraft mostly because of it always provides and gives us such a wonderfully realistic stuff which really push the boundaries to give players a sense of wonder in the creativity how everything is started. Of course, there is nothing more than a map that could do that job wonderfully. So, I would like to present you guys another cool map called Cube Survival Map.

Cube Survival Map

Cube Survival Map is a really interesting map and if you have ever wanted to survive in a strange environment like a glass cube of preserved earth, you might want to check this awesome map out. First of all, you will start and spawn in the cube cover the lands that you will be landing on which look pretty much like an ant farm feel with larger space and other self-preserved floating biomes encased in glass. Unlike anything that you’ve seen and played in the world of Minecraft as it’s really creatively and very well designed that will eventually and automatically order you to look around and start observing things surrounded.

Moreover, this is not just a survival map that let you just throw away your breath every second and start building something to expand the lands, but there are 3 different maps located within which will come in a single cube, just like the one you are in. More cubes, more islands floating in the void that you are allowed to travel between just like an island. You don’t really have to build or find any resources as it’s not possible. This map seems to best suit the PvP play style which will be extremely useful and convenient as you just put your people in your servers in this cube cages and see them fight against each other.

As I mentioned that this Cube Survival Map is not like any survival map play style that let you find any survival stuff like resources to start from the scratch, but this is just a survival map that tend to be best suit PvP style, not building style. If you are an admin for any servers, this one is a really good choice to be used as PvP arena and I hope you like it.

Cube Survival Map Main Features

  • This map is based on survival maps
  • Wonderful and beautiful land just like a preserved earth in a smaller model of a game landscape that is placed into a glass container in cube form
  • There are many cube or islands that you can travel between
  • There are three different modes to choose form giving a replay factor

Cube Survival Map Pros and Cons


  • This map is best suited the PvP play style as it can be used as PvP arena without you having to build it on your own
  • The details or the things in the cube glass container are just like what you have in your normal survival world
  • This map will give you such an amazing survival adventure with utter entertaining provided


  • This map is not like any other survival maps based on skyblock or something floating into the sky, as it just allows you to travel between each floating cube land, but not building based

How to install Cube Survival Map

  1. Navigate yourself into the Minecraft directory
  2. Look for saves folder
  3. Open it
  4. Download Cube Survival Map
  5. Copy the downloaded file
  6. Paste it into the saves folder
  7. Start the game, apply the new map and have fun
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