CUDA Shader Mod

As most of you know the game called Minecraft, that look like a pixel game and the picture quality is very low and every single thing is in pixel. However, there are many texture packs that will help to solve the problems and who did not improve the quality of the game. Today I want to encourage you guys to check CUDA Shader Mod out. Let’s start to using this mod and make the game more interesting.

CUDA Shader Mod

CUDA Shader Mod is a mod that will help you in improving your game Minecraft to be very exciting. Shader as the name of it, it will color everything in Minecraft world such as; blocks, trees, water, lava, and the most important is rays shining from the sky make it even better to play. After the shading process the game will look very different. It looks freaking awesome that you will not believe your own eyes is that really a game Minecraft? How do you guys think about the rays of the sun shining through the trees, sound cool huh? More than that there is the surface of the water just like a real sea which reflects radiation from the sky as it rippling.

Things I like In this amazing CUDA Shader Mod is the water look so freaking pretty cool, I’ll spend all day long to watch the movement of the water. By the way, this is designed to work pretty well with the delay in the use of low-specification computers. But not too low, check this amazing shader pack out if you want to make your gaming experience even better!

CUDA Shader Mod Main Features

  • It is a shaders!! Color everything in your Minecraft world to look good, nothing more.

CUDA Shader Mod Pros and Cons


  • Pretty cool looking
  • Can run on low-spec computers.


  • You can not use this shader pack if you have a really bad low spec computer. But more than that, you will be fine

CUDA Shader Mod Change Log

  • Torchlight radius got larger effect area
  • Before the rain and after rain effect changed
  • Waving fire added
  • Rain textures are improved
  • It is a little brighter

How to install CUDA Shader Mod

  1. You need to back up your Minecraft first, just in case.
  2. Download and install the Minecraft Forge and CUDA Shader Mod
  3. Create a folder name it. ‘Shaderpacks’ in’ .minecraft. Folders.
  4. Drag and drop the mod in ‘shaderpack’ folder
  5. Start the game, there will be new Options added called ‘Shaders’.
  6. Enjoy customizing your new shaders.
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