Custom LAN Port Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.7.2/1.6.4

This is a work that many people are looking to use to control and configure different port on the server. Custom LAN Port Mod This work has been developed over a long period and is updated continuously. It has been developed to allow you to customize your system with Lan. In addition, you can set a custom IP as you want. Of course, these are suitable for working on your network , and is very effective in managing different orders. You can configure the permissions for all players that aren’t the host. It also has many features associated with the single player mode in which it is easy to understand and help you get a great experience.

Custom LAN Port Mod

Custom LAN Port Mod

Custom LAN Port Mod from above, we know that it is very useful for all players looking for new experiences. And it is suitable for new players who want to build their own networks.

Custom LAN Port Mod Main Features

You will find it easier to control and it is designed to be set up quickly and easily. Custom LAN Port Mod It is the work that has been recognized by global players. A system that will help you in managing networks efficiently. You can define additional properties on the number of players you want in your world. There is also an updated online mode for players who want to spend some money, it will allow those players to access information more depth.

This is a wonderful work to help allocate your game and help you get a great experience more. We hope you will enjoy this work.

Custom LAN Port Mod Changelog

  • Fix and update new version of Minecraft
  • Work with all other mods

How to install Custom LAN Port Mod

*Requirements : Forge version  and (other version maybe work)

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge API
  2. Download the Custom LAN Port Mod
  3. Go to start menu bar and type %appdata%
  4. Copy and place it into your mods folder
  5. Start Minecraft and start your LAN
  6. Have fun!
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