Cyberghostde’s HD Resource Pack 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.7.10

Let’s get enough with the plain and simple texture look of the low resolution resource pack for Minecraft. Now, it’s the time for us to make the look of the game to another level which what we have to focus on is the resolution right? That’s the priority, the sub-priority is the texture and the theme together with the designs. However, that would be too general if you want to find one that suit your taste as there are tons of them out there. So, I would like to suggest one of them with the HD texture looking that might suit your taste very well and it’s called Cyberghostde’s HD Resource Pack.

Cyberghostde’s HD Resource Pack

Cyberghostde’s HD Resource Pack

Cyberghostde’s HD Resource Pack

Cyberghostde’s HD Resource Pack is a really interesting pack that has applied so many contents from many other popular resource pack out there. Basically, it means that this pack contains some of the textures from other resource packs mentioned in the main features below. So don’t be so surprised when you see something familiar or similar to what you have seen before. Moreover, this pack offers you a pretty high resolution which is a 256x resolution. This pack tends to make the world of Minecraft become more realistic-looking with environment based. As you know that with this high resolution, the textures for everything will be heavily detailed and textured right? However, this pack has also applied the texture and detail to the terrain as well which you can actually feel that once the game is loaded with this pack implemented. More than that, all the blocks and items are completely done which means that you can have fun playing with this pack without having to worry about the next update to fix the bug or something like that. Furthermore, this mod also supports the mod like shader mods. With that thing installed, your world will completely change into something that you have never seen before in the world of Minecraft. The textures and the look itself is fantastic enough with the heavily details, but when the shader applied, it will be ten times better. However, ten times better also mean ten times you lag as it requires the sources and the spaces of your computers.

So, playing with this Cyberghostde’s HD Resource Pack, you will have to make sure that your computer could run it properly, otherwise you will end up facing lag and game crashed eventually. Actually, this pack is really a good one which if you invest just a little just to get this pack run smoothly, I think it’s worth the money though. All the textures made and details for all of them are modified based on other popular resource packs which will be extremely unique and beautiful by itself.

Cyberghostde’s HD Resource Pack Main Features

  • The resolution of this resource pack is 256×256
  • This pack has the HD texture look
  • This pack is based or it contains some textures from the other packs with permissions including the Psience Pack, Synthetic Reality, Ornate, LB Photo Realism
  • Bumbmaft, UnrealCraft, and Minecraft Enhanced

Cyberghostde’s HD Resource Pack Pros and Cons


  • Even if this pack has some textures contained that derived from other resource packs, but if it comes with the right of the permission, it means that this one is not like the copy or duplicated one as it just modifies and implements for what it needs from other resource packs and just apply to the game which are totally the new thing
  • According to this high resolution, you can expect an extremely awesome quality from all of the textures


  • With this pack installed, you will lag a lot due to the stability of the frame rate that is not stable caused by the high resolution of this pack
  • There is only one resolution available which is x256 and that’s the only choice we’ve got, those who can’t afford to have such a good computer graphic couldn’t even touch this pack file though
  • This pack heavily needs Optifine or MCPatcher which you have to download and install only one of them and of course with the most compatible version as well

How to install Cyberghostde’s HD Resource Pack

  1. As this pack tries to detail everything as much as possible with this resolution, it needs Optifine to help working with that easily and you will get more features from the pack as well. So, download and install Optifine first
  2. Download the pack named Cyberghostde’s HD Resource Pack with .rar or .zip file
  3. Copy the downloaded file
  4. Go into %appdata%s
  5. Open in .minecraft
  6. Find resourcepacks folder
  7. Paste the downloaded file here
  8. All done, select the new pack in game and enjoy
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