Daedric Isles Map

Are you getting tired and bored of playing the game Minecraft with the same details all over again and again? If you are feeling that way, I would recommend you guys to find something else to do or you just want to stick around your favorite game, it’s up to you and all I could help is giving you some new contents that you can use to apply to your world like this one called Daedric Isles Map.

Daedric Isles Map

Daedric Isles Map

Daedric Isles Map

Daedric Isles Map is a map made by Sphaera. I was jaw dropped when I first saw this awesome map’s screenshots. Those didn’t look like things from the world of Minecraft even with shaders. This map is not complete yet, but you’d better stay tune. It’s quite huge to explore and there’s probably still miniscule details. In this map, you are going to find over 13000 x 13000 terrains being used and the map itself also features custom ore painting in specific areas. Originally, the map was 4GB download, but the final export screen is under 2GB download. The map mostly focus around a Fantasy theme as there are reminiscent features which you might recognize and the map features 8 biomes and over 300 custom objects were used in this map. This is the most epic, fantastic, awesome…. I don’t know where can I find the word to describe this absolute piece of artworks

If you think this map is interesting and awesome just from looking the screenshots and you also find it’s attractive, you’d better download and start exploring this awesome Daedric Isles Map

Daedric Isles Map Main Features

  • There is custom ore painting featured in specific areas
  • This map might be the largest fantasy survival map ever created in the world of Minecraft according to my experience
  • 13000×13000 custom terrain

Daedric Isles Map Pros and Cons


  • Just looking at those screenshots, I just can’t wait to play it, you wouldn’t know if this game really is Minecraft because it’s like another new level that doesn’t exist in the Minecraft world. Amazing!
  • So much details and beautiful design added and atmosphere related to some areas of the map


  • This map is absolutely beautiful, the only con I found about this map is that it’s too large hehe

How to install Daedric Isles Map

  1. Download the map with the name Daedric Isles Map and also with jar file
  2. Head to %appdata%
  3. Go into .minecraft folder
  4. Find saves folder and open it
  5. Copy and paste the whole downloaded file into the saves folder
  6. Start the game and go to your load game and select the new map
  7. Have fun
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