Death Chest Mod

Once you die, in case you have a chest inside your inventory, Death Chest Mod it will likely be placed exactly where you die, or inside the closest obtainable spot. The chest will likely be filled with as lots of things as you can. Things stored inside the crafting slot are nevertheless lost, as usual, and any excess that will not match within the chest is going to be dropped.

Death Chest Mod

Death Chest Mod 1

After you die in Minecraft you drop all your products that you are carrying. That could possibly be a diamond choose or perhaps a stack of ores. Right after you die you’ve got five Minutes to acquire back for the location exactly where you died ahead of your products disappear and are lost forever!

Death Chest Mod I present to you the option!¬†Once you die all your products are placed inside a chest but please not this doesn’t operate for those who die in lava. Last, don’t forget to say thank developer for this amazing Mod.

How to install Death Chest Mod

  1. Download and install the Minecraft Forge
  2. Go to download the Death Chest Mod
  3. Open run on your start windows menu bar
  4. Type %appdata% and you will found .minecraft folder
  5. Drag and drop file .jar into your mods folder
  6. Launcher your minecraft and select this mod
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