Death Sentence Arena Map

Are you looking for a survival map? If you do so, I would like you guys to check and try this Death Sentence Arena Map out. As much as you can guess from the title, this is like an arena map which has a really nice detail that is a must download and a must play!

Death Sentence Arena Map

Death Sentence Arena Map

Death Sentence Arena Map is another cool survival map which made by ‘Hypixel’ as always, amazing piece of art works combining and mixing together which make this map not look like survival map, but a beautiful custom map. All the designs and details look freaking awesome. At day time, this place look like a heaven shining up in the morning with the ray shaded from the sun that also makes this place looks so peaceful. When the night time comes, this place will full of mysterious things that you can’t even imaging it would be. This map is obviously both for single-player and multi-player. In multi is competitive mode which you must be the first person to reach level 20 wins the game and then you will get to choose the 3 death sentences for the losers, that might be punishment, maybe :P. In single-player, you just finish your goal with the best time on the clock  and beat yourself again and again. There will be so many customized monsters that will constantly come at you. Note, be sure to keep an eyes on the chest-headed monsters which is the special mobs which will gain you the extra drops, so that you can easily get your gear up.

Don’t you find this Death Sentence Arena Map interesting? If you do, why not give this awesome piece of art work a go? You will enjoy most of the fun given by this map for sure.

Death Sentence Arena Map Main Features

  • In multi-player mode is a competition to level 20
  • In multi-player, the winner gets to choose the Death Sentence of other players
  • 3 different Death Sentences
  • 6 difficulty modes
  • Treasure monsters added which will drop extra loots
  • Invincible heavy armor zombie added
  • There is Day and Night switch

Death Sentence Arena Map Pros and Cons


  • This is a really cool survival map, even though it looks like the other survival maps, but still the details and some of the designs look pretty amazing
  • There is no mods required to be installed in your Minecraft in order to play this map


  • This is like the other survival map which you will have only to survive and fight for your life till the time you reach level 20, so there is not much detail
  • There is the voice which if you fall down, that means game over for you

How to install Death Sentence Arena Map

  1. Select and download Death Sentence Arena Map that best suit to your Minecraft version
  2. Search for %appdata%, find .minecraft and go in there
  3. There should be saves folder inside .minecraft folder
  4. Copy and paste the new map that you just downloaded into saves folder
  5. Start the game, then you are ready to go!
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