Default Options Mod

That will allow you guys to keep the current config by save your setting-up and option as default which the file of defaultkeys.txt will be run when you command by type “/defaultoptions saveKeys”, and your file that will be save into the config folder. Moreover, this ‘Default Options Mod’ can support with the nearly all mod.

Default Options Mod

Default Options Mod 1

Let’s try to check out this Default Options Mod, if you guys ready to do that just make sure that you already to learn how to setting-up default keys. First of all, you guys should configure the key that you want for the default configuration and run the “/defaultoptions saveKeys” command. Next, check the file that save into the config folder. Last, you guys just go to check into the controls of GUI that the default settings already updated or not?

Default Options Mod Main Features

  • You guys just only know the first part of this mod, but we don’t only have first part. So, in the next step that you should to know the setting up default options, default servers and the config.
  • Okay guys, let’s talk about in the next part that ‘setting up default options’ it’s a little bit different with ‘setting-up default keys’. Just go to run the “/defaultoptions saveOptions” by type it and you will get the file defaultoptions.txt
  • Next on, if you would like to setting up default servers then type “/defaultoptions saveServers” and the file is servers.dat

Default Options Mod Pros and Cons


  • This is super easier way to help you guys kepp the current config and you guys can run your command anytime that you want.
  • This mod can support with the other mod and support the optifine too.


  • For the new player maybe confuse about how to run command

How to install Default Options Mod

  1. Download and install the Optifine, it’s support with this mod
  2. Download the Default Options Mod
  3. Go to run on your windows menu bar
  4. Type %appdata% and you will found the .minecraft
  5. Next, drag and drop the file downloaded .jar into the mods folder
  6. Launcher your minecraft game and playing.
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