Dense Ores Mod

Sometimes, the only way to speed up farming resources especially ores is to get your hand on the fortune enchantment as soon as possible right? That’s not that easy because you won’t be able to farm level 30 in the early game and of course fortune enchantment won’t always happen to be the very first result of your enchantment. So, would you like to try another way that allows you to have a ton of valuable ores without that? That’s what this Dense Ores Mod will do.

Dense Ores Mod

Dense Ores Mod

Dense Ores Mod is a really interesting mod that offers you the alternative way to help getting your hands more on the valuable ores without having to find a big chunk of them or even the needs of the fortune tools. Anyway, what you will have from this mod are the new ores added which are called Dense Ores.

These ores will come in the game with the exactly same textures and features about the regular ones. But they will be more dense, massive or intense with the textures. What’s more special about them is that when they are mined, instead of dropping only once piece of ore, they tend to give you a ton more. It seems pretty powerful right? So, be sure to keep in mind that using this mod will eventually cause the oversupply to your world. All the fun will start at the beginning of the process of the mod. But hey, who cares about that when you can access yourself to a load of valuable stuff without having to put that much effort in.

If you have a little bit of feeling like this Dense Ores Mod is going to be extremely entertaining for you as some of the contents are changed a little bit with the new ores that do the work just like the regular one except that you will get a couple of them instead of one, just like you use Fortune enchanted pickaxe to mine them.

Dense Ores Mod Main Features

  • This mod adds in a new ore called Dense Ores which will be exactly just like the regular ones, but they will drop 3 times the goods upon being mined
  • They are generated with a group of 1 to 10 dense ore blocks per chunk as default setting

Dense Ores Mod Pros and Cons


  • You don’t really have to be relied on the fortune enchantment anymore for your pickaxe as of right now you have a dense ore which will give you double values that you normally get from the existing ores


  • The textures of the dense ores are actually messy which look quite less interesting in terms of eyes pleasance
  • This mod needs Minecraft Forge to help generating these new dense ores all over the world

How to install Dense Ores Mod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge and have it installed first before installing the mod
  2. Download the Dense Ores Mod with .jar or .zip file from the link provided below
  3. Be sure to get both files with the same version as your game
  4. Go to %appdata% and look for .minecraft
  5. Finds mod folder
  6. Copy the downloaded file
  7. Simply paste it into the mods folder
  8. Done
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