Derivation RPG Resource Pack

Do you like RPG game? If you do then this mod will do you wonder. As the name suggest, this map will change everything you see in MineCraft to look like a typical RPG game. While this Derivation RPG Resource Pack does not really improve any game play system, what it does is make everything you see in MineCraft look better and more RPG like. Imagine Dragon Quest in MineCraft. That got to be awesome.

Derivation RPG Resource Pack

Derivation RPG Resource Pack come in 32 x 32 resolution and you will need MCPatcher in order for it to work. The creator is Levauant and he has done a very good job with it. Monster become more friendly looking and everything look a bit more cartoonist.

If you are a fan of RPG type of game then you will love this RPG Resource Pack. Credit have to be given when it is due and all credit should go to Levauant for creating this wonderful resource pack.

Derivation RPG Resource Pack Main Features

  • Everything texture have been remake to fit into RPG theme and it look really sharp and wonderful

Derivation RPG Resource Pack Pros and Cons


  • This pack will appeal to those who love RPG type of game


  • Require Plug in
  • This pack might look a bit too cartoonist for some people

Derivation RPG Resource Pack Change Log

  • Added some new texture regarding witch
  • Fix some texture problem
  • Fix Minor bug in previous version
  • Compatible with latest MineCraft Version

How to install Derivation RPG Resource Pack

  1. Download and properly install MCPatcher into your computer
  2. Download Resource Pack from our download link
  3. Run %appdata% and find roaming
  4. In roaming find .minecraft directory
  5. Open up .minecraft then find Texturepack folder
  6. Copy and paste everything you download into this folder
  7. Start up MCPatcher and click patch
  8. Start up Minecraft
  9. Done! Happy Gaming Fellow MineCrafter
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