Dexuzzle Map

When you feel like you have nothing to do in the world of Minecraft , what would you do? You will probably go find out some new mods or new maps to install and enjoy with right? But for today, you don’t have to as I would like to suggest you to have a look at this map called Dexuzzle Map.

Dexuzzle Map

Dexuzzle Map

Dexuzzle Map

Dexuzzle Map is such a creative map created by Atistofero. Actually, this map is a amazing puzzle map in which it will take place in an abandoned laboratory and you will be put in there. You need to find a way to solve all the puzzles as the installations are broken with plants, water and lava filled. As you can see some of the awesome screenshots above, that would really attract most of you guys right? The details, the designs look so freaking cool which you have to try it yourself. If you are looking for an interesting and fun map to play with, this map is the one that provides you fun and some new challenges. Of course, there are some rules that you have to stick with including of play this map on the 1.8.x version, don’t change your gamemode, play on peaceful mode, clouds off, don’t cheat, there are actually 64 emeralds hidden. What will happen if you will be able to find them all? I won’t tell you :P.

This Dexuzzle Map might be one of my most favorite map about the puzzle ever because the designs, the details and the plots look so beautiful when it combines and mixes everything together. It looks like a real laboratory which will really help you feel like this is real, the event, the situation is real!

Dexuzzle Map Main Features

  • This map is a custom puzzle map in which you are in an abandoned laboratory
  • There are 64 emeralds hidden

Dexuzzle Map Pros and Cons


  • This puzzle map is really different from other maps as it provides you a real challenge testing your imagination and your creative thought to solve all the puzzles, it’s just a load of fun!
  • The details and decorations of everything looks pretty well done


  • This is just a custom puzzle map that you can just play with it, but when you have completed it once, it’s not going to be fun at all

How to install Dexuzzle Map

  1. Download Dexuzzle Map from the link download below
  2. Select and download only the version that is most compatible to your game
  3. Head to your Minecraft directory which should be %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft
  4. Look for saves folder and open it
  5. Simply paste the downloaded file or map with .jar or .zip file into the saves folder
  6. Start the game and select the new map from your load game
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