DonatorExpress Plugin

Do you have an idea about doing financial business or finding money from Minecraft ? Today I would like to present one of the works that created by Minecraft’s creators. It is a Plugin which is specifically designed for this purpose. It’s called DonatorExpress Plugin.

DonatorExpress Plugin

DonatorExpress Plugin

If you think that one day you will make a lot of money by playing your favorite game, you do not have to be tired of working outside of your home. No need to hurry up and no need to be afraid to be late for work. No need to feel nervous for your boss. Since we are boss ourselves. This will give you have more time to do many things that would make you happy in your daily life and that would be really freaking fantastic .DonatorExpress Plugin relies on working with the server. A pretty high spec PC is required to install this plugin, for the best performance in work and play. You will be able to contact the server, to make a trade with other players by using this plugin.

DonatorExpress Plugin Main Feature

DonatorExpress Plugin will act as an intermediary for you. The system will handle everything you need for trading of in-game. All you have to do is paying for this service on the server, only $10 per month. Before you download and install it. You will need to have an average knowledge about the work of the MySQL Plugin, but it’s not that hard. You just learn how to use it from Google, when you are ready you can open your own online store in Minecraft instantly.

DonatorExpress Plugin Pros and Cons


  • Can effectively communicate with the server
  • The new online store system


  • Requires knowledge about PHP and SQL

How to install DonatorExpress Plugin

  1. Download DonatorExpress plugin from the link below
  2. Put it into your ‘plugins’ folder
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