Don’t Take Damage Map

Looking for enjoyable map? I have one, would you be interested? What is it? It’s another map that will make you enjoy the rest of your life in the world of Minecraft called Don’t Take Damage Map. This map will do exactly like its title says as you cannot be taken any damage or you die instantly because you only have half a heart to fight your way through all the challenge given.

Don’t Take Damage Map

Don’t Take Damage Map is kind of like the map that you drop yourself from the above place and find the safest spot, but this one will only give you a half of heart which mean that you cannot take any single damage even if it’s the damage from the slime. Anyways, there will be 8 different puzzles provided for you to enjoy with. I bet that most of you will eventually get a little bit of rage to the high level of rage because it’s going to be stressful when you can’t make a jump or it’s going to be frustrating when you can’t find the buttons. In the different puzzles, they don’t only give you the jumping down to the safe spot only because in one of them, you will have to dive into the ocean to go into another coast to find the key and head back into the ocean again to open the chest which work like a button to pass the level.

It’s going to be loads of fun, but be sure that you make your head cleared before playing with this map because you might not want yourself to get to the highest level of rage and start destroying everything in your room. I’m kidding lol. Hope you enjoy this Don’t Take Damage Map.

Don’t Take Damage Map Main Features

  • This is kind of like survival map that you shouldn’t be taken just a single damage as you only have a half of heart life
  • There are 8 different puzzles including of Forest, Desert, Cave, Fortress, Skyland, Ocean, Nether and End
  • This map is based and inspired by UHC in Minecraft

Don’t Take Damage Map Pros and Cons


  • This map will pretty much remind you of the UHC in Minecraft
  • With the different puzzles in the different biomes will really entertain and give you loads of fun
  • Your brain will be improved because you will have to think and analyze which is the way not to take any damage
  • Your Minecraft survival skill will be improved a lot
  • You can calculate the range between each block by glancing or looking for measuring


  • There is nothing really bad about this map, except it should be more level!
  • The map is way too short if you are expert about this

How to install Don’t Take Damage Map

  1. Download Don’t Take Damage Map from the link download given below
  2. Go to %appdata% and look for. Minecraft
  3. Find saves folder and head into it
  4. Prepare your downloaded file and simple copy it
  5. Paste it in the saves folder
  6. Start the game, select the new map, sit back and relaxe
  7. Once it’s loaded, check if there is some missing content, have fun
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