Dooglamoo Cities Mod

Have you ever tried the Painting mod made by Dooglamoo? If you have, then you would be interested in some of his other works? Dooglamoo Cities Mod that aims to force you to build and create industries under your control in order to collect the large amounts of resources.

Anyway, if you feel like Dooglamoo Cities Mod this is way too much work on management and resources, then you’d better go play in creative mode with the help of cheater block. There are actually multiple ways to enjoy this mod. It all depends on you, you might want to see how much money that you could earn from some operation toward the resources or even making export business and branch your industries worldwide. You are the one to run your own dream city.

Everything depends on your decisions and your determination to progress the city. Also, this mod even gives you a challenge and it is ‘can you reach the final achievement and manage a city efficiently enough to collect $1,000,000 in taxes’? That is a pretty challenging challenge, quite a tough work for those who have never run a business before. This is the Dooglamoo Cities Mod that will test your decision skill whether your city will become wealthy or go broke.

Dooglamoo Cities Mod Main Features

  • This mod lets you design a city and create industries to collect the large amounts of resources in order to make the city grow
  • Every single work go along with the players’ decision that will make the city prosper or corrupt and broke

Dooglamoo Cities Mod Pros and Cons


  • There is a challenge for you to achieve which is exciting!
  • Brand new mod with the new gameplay experience that is pretty much like playing with any other Minecraft maps
  • Everything depends on your decision, so it’s very challenging that one wrong decision could corrupt the whole city


  • Those who never run a business for real before might be struggled at first playing with this mod

Dooglamoo Cities Mod Crafting Recipes

  • Manufacturing Industries

Dooglamoo Cities Mod 3

  • Finance Blocks

Dooglamoo Cities Mod 4

  • Trade Buildings

Dooglamoo Cities Mod 5

  • Worker Blocks

Dooglamoo Cities Mod 6

  • Resource Industries

Dooglamoo Cities Mod 7

How to install Dooglamoo Cities Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge first.
  2. Download the Dooglamoo Cities Mod from the link download below
  3. Be sure both file for the mod and Minecraft Forge are downloaded with the most compatible version
  4. Browse to %appdata%/.minecraft
  5. Find mods folder and head into it
  6. Drop the downloaded mod file here inside the mods folder without extracting it
  7. Done
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