Doom Map

Have you ever played the game called Dungeon of DOOM? If you have, you must know how basic it is, how interesting and exciting it is. You would have a lot of fun playing that game right? But, if you compare with this moment, that game look pretty old right? Due to its graphic, so that might make you feel like you do not want to see it again, but for some people they hope that they would be able to play it again. So, today I have the Doom Map that is based on that game for you to check it out whether it is good or bad.

Doom Map

Doom Map

Doom Map

Doom Map is a really interesting map which made by ‘MadrugaSP’. That I picked up this pack and present to you because I have been playing this game, Dungeon of DOOM for about 7-10 years. So, the first glance of this map I feel like, hey this is like one of my favorite game, and yes this map is based on that game. So, once I tried it out, that remind me a lot of fun and experience that I’ve got at that time. So, let’s get into the details, as you know this map is based on the game Dungeon of DOOM, so everything like textures, details, terrains and many more will look pretty much the game with the game. But just to let you know that this map is made till the third level of the game, so I would also recommend you to use Doom Craft Texture Pack as well to bring out the best experience that you will get when played which those things that you can see in this map will make more sense with the texture as well. This map is available for 1-4 players. So, gather your friends and say that, let’s bring our childhood memories back.

Anyways, this map is just 30% complete, there is a long way to go though, at this time there are only three levels, maybe the next update, it would be 100% complete, so please keep following up this awesome Doom Map. So that you won’t miss a lot of interesting things

Doom Map Main Features

  • This map is created based on the game Dungeon of DOOM
  • This is an adventure map
  • This map is available for 1-4 players

Doom Map Pros and Cons


  • A really interesting map which based on the game Dungeon of DOOM which will remind you a lot of precious memories
  • Very well details and textures
  • The atmosphere and the feeling when played will improved once you play this map with the Doom Craft Texture Pack, that will help to make things look more senes


  • This pack is still a work in progress, there is a long way to go through, it is just 30% complete
  • As you can see the pictures, you might complain that it does not look so much doom at all, but this map is on development, when it’s finished, it would be freaking good

How to install Doom Map

  1. Download Doom Map file from the download link below
  2. Search for your saves folder in your Minecraft directory by searching with the word %appdata%
  3. Open roaming folder, as well as .minecraft folder
  4. There will be saves folder inside the .minecraft folder
  5. Simply put the downloaded map into this folder
  6. Start the game, select the map from the start menu
  7. Enjoy the Dungeon of DOOM!
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