Draconic Evolution Mod

Have you ever wondered that how could you entertain yourself by playing the game Minecraft? What if you only play with the old same content of the game without anything new? Anyways, let’s bring it on with the mod called Draconic Evolution Mod.

Draconic Evolution Mod

Draconic Evolution Mod

Draconic Evolution Mod is a pretty interesting mod which really make you satisfied for sure, there will be so many new things added including of the new blocks, items, tools, weapons and armors. Those new blocks added are include of Engery core, weather controller, mob grinder, generator, spawner, admin dislocator, draconic infuser, particle generator, distortion flame, sun dial, player detector, draconium ore.

Items include of draconic core, draconium dust, draconium ingot, infused and draconic compounds, sun focus, dragon heart, potentiometer, rain sensor. About the tools and weapons, there will be two tiers of them except for the hoe and axe of which there is only one coming up with the names of Wyvern and Draconic. There is also a third tier and final tier which are extremely powerful at great cost but really worth it. Each of the items will have their own abilities which are really special. Moreover, there are new other things added including of energy core multi-block and ritual of draconic resurrection.

If you find this Draconic Evolution Mod interesting and useful for you which might help you to kill the time passing by or even help you to enjoy the game much more by its features. Anyways, I hope that you’re going to have some fun with this mod much or less.

Draconic Evolution Mod Main Features

  • New blocks and items added
  • New tools, weapons and armors based on draconic power added
  • Some other new things added including of energy core multi-block and ritual of draconic resurrection and many more

Draconic Evolution Mod Pros and Cons


  • This mod can use in private or public with non-profit mod packs if you want to
  • Many new things added which high tier items such as those new tools and armors
  • So many new stuff and some random features added including of teleportation, mob farming, player detection, time and weather control and many more


  • Needs Minecraft Forge to install in order to stabilize the game and prevent game crashed
  • There is nothing really bad about this mod

How to install Draconic Evolution Mod

  1. As Minecraft Forge mentioned above, you need to download and install Minecraft Forge first
  2. Download the Draconic Evolution Mod with the version that most suitable to your game’s version
  3. Browse to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/mods
  4. Drag and drop the whole downloaded .jar or .zip file into the mods folder without extracting it
  5. Launch the game and click in the mods option from the main menu
  6. Done!
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