Dragon Block C Mod

This time you can get the Dragon Block C Mod from your favorite character on the minecraft world. Now, you can playing the whole Saga from beginning till end the whole story unfolds you can even change your hair color and flying fast across the sky defeating your enemies, And in the same time you still playing in the wonderful world of minecraft. Finally, I can’t say how much I love the ‘Dragon Ball Z’. If you want to be a part of dragonball, this is your turn you can become like a saiyah in this world by use this mod or even become the super blonde saiyah with the crazy hair.

Dragon Block C Mod

Dragon Block C Mod Pic 2

Dragon Block C Mod Pic 3

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Dragon Block C Mod is amazing works it can changes everything in your minecraft completely and then giving ability to fly power up and use crazy attacks. Ki will teach and also Learning Powers and Saibamen! This is a mod very similar to what you see in Dragon Ball Z. Like I said before, you are now in the Dragon Ball Z story line and can choose to be either bad or good it’s up to you to pick. Also all your favorite villain’s are on here and defeat just like in the original DBZ Saga. More over then you can saw everything through on your ‘Dragon Block Radar’ and when in a combat fight watch your life bar and watch your battle power could be your last fight!

Over all Dragon Block C Mod is amazingly colorful in the game from your characters in the block world and to the surrounding block beautiful world you play in. Flying across the game makes it easy to get around without getting attack by your mobs, and using your powers to defeat anything that gets in your path Minecraft has gone beyond any game has gone before and making your playing experience amazing while having fun. Over all this Mod is awesome and you can’t go wrong with this mod. I love ‘Vegeta’ by the way he is my favorite:)

Dragon Block C Mod Main Feature

  • Play in Dragon Ball  world setting
  • Power up and become stronger
  • Fly around in Dragon Block C world

Dragon Block C Mod Pros and Cons


  • Different from the original minecraft
  •  Texture Pack looks flawless


  • This mod needs JRMCore and JBRA for visual effects!

How to install Dragon Block C Mod

  1. Download and install the Forge
  2. Download the Dragon Block C Mod
  3. Recommend you to install on a clean Minecraft
  4. Go to Minecraft folder by ‘run’ on your windows menu bar
  5. Type %appdata% and find the .minecraft folder
  6. Drop the file downloaded .jar into mods folders
  7. Done!
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