The Dropper 2 Map

Have you ever heard of the map called the Dropper? If you haven’t, you must be new to Minecraft 100%. First of all, the Dropper Map is one of the best map providing you the unique adventure game which all you need to do is to let yourself left in free fall, but time has come because what we have today is the sequel of the next series of that one or The Dropper 2 Map.

The Dropper 2 Map

The Dropper 2 Map

The Dropper 2 Map

The Dropper 2 Map is truly one of the best adventure map for me and for most Minecrafters as well. This might be because of the really neat and beautiful design of the map and the gameplay that you don’t really have to use much of your brain to solve puzzles. In this case, you just let yourself left in free fall and enjoy the view. Your goal is still the same which is to fall safely and go to the next level. Even if you do need to use your brain to figure out the most possible way to get down there, but it’s not like you do with any puzzle maps though. Also, there is only one rule that you need to stick with and it is do not break any block. Moreover, while playing in this map, you will gain a lot of experience about the height between the block that you won’t get hurt or even the calculation for falling that you will be best not to get hurt. But whatever, we come here just to have fun right? Why do we have to bother about that? If you are those who have already experienced the first one, you’d better give this one a go right now and let’s see which one is better, but both of them are amazing!

This The Dropper 2 Map provides you the next level gameplay that you will never get ever again from any map coming up these days. This is the original and unique falling adventure map that will give you the best experience and fun. It will be much better when you play this map on multi-player, server or lan with your friends.

The Dropper 2 Map Main Features

  • This map is based on an adventure map
  • There are totally 10 levels provided
  • This is the sequel version to the Dropper Map

The Dropper 2 Map Pros and Cons


  • This map is as awesome as the original one if it’s not better
  • New mechanics to enjoy the adventure map, all you have to do is to simply let yourself fall down to the floor
  • Not need to use brain that much because your puzzle here is to get to the right path that won’t hurt you to death


  • Some levels have very complicated structure which you might find it too hard to pass and this is what you won’t face in the original one

How to install The Dropper 2 Map

  1. Download The Dropper 2 Map from the link download
  2. Go to %appdata%/.minecraft/saves
  3. In the saves folder, you just put the downloaded file into this folder
  4. All done
  5. Start the game
  6. Select the new challenge map
  7. You are good to go
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