Enchantment Auto Decoder Texture Pack

Have you ever tried to enchant your tools and armors in Minecraft? You might have known that there are so many symbols in it which are written in the Standard Galactic Alphabet. Also the runes are randomly constructed from random words. The results you get are usually random. You will never know what are you going to get because the words have no relation to the enchantment lists. If you love to enchant your items and want something better in return, I would recommend you to check this Enchantment Auto Decoder Texture Pack.

Enchantment Auto Decoder Texture Pack

I bet that everybody that plays Minecraft might have known that the words written in the enchantment table seem to be pretty randomized. Enchantment Auto Decoder Texture Pack is a very amazing texture pack. The textures for everything in the pack are not changed much. This texture works to change only the symbols or the Standard Galactic Alphabet into English words, makes it way easier. Even though it could work fine, the English words don’t make a lot of sense such as, “animal creature beast humanoid”, “demon elemental spirit”. Does it make any sense? At least this pack allows you to have a better idea of what you will get.

Enchantment Auto Decoder Texture Pack allows you to see the enchantment words in English, also saves you a lot of time of decoding the words. This pack seem to be extremely useful for people who enjoy better degree or more option for weapons, armors and tools with fully upgraded by enchanting

Enchantment Auto Decoder Texture Pack Main Features

  • Translates the Standard Galactic Alphabet into English
  • The enchantment process is getting easier
  • 16×16 resolution textures with the default texture pack, only enchantment words are edited

Enchantment Auto Decoder Texture Pack Pros and Cons


  • Low resolution, less lag
  • Easy to understand the words, English translated
  • Saves a lot of time from decoding the words


  • The same texture as the default one
  • Some feathers might be missing from the game because this pack is still in progress

How to install Enchantment Auto Decoder Texture Pack

  1. Download and install MCPatcher or Optifine for more options.
  2. Download Enchantment Auto Decoder Texture Pack from the link below.
  3. Press start menu then type in %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft
  4. Look for the folder “resourcepacks”
  5. Place the file “Enchantment Auto Decoder Texture Pack into the “resourcepacks” folder (do not unzip)
  6. Run Minecraft, then choose the pack
  7. Have fun!
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