Ender Ores Mod

Have you ever gone to the End? The End world in Minecraft does not look that interesting, but there is only one thing that you have to focus with when you are there is to defeat the Dragon right? So, the mod that I’m going to show you is the mod that will make the End world become a bit interesting and attractive. That mod is called Ender Ores Mod.

Ender Ores Mod

Ender Ores Mod

Ender Ores Mod

Ender Ores Mod is one of a really cool mod which has potential and has the original and unique point! This mod is made by ‘GoodMiner’ which will do exactly what the title says. Basically, this mod will add new ores in the End including Void Crystal Ore, Ender Gold Ore, Bloody Emerald Ore, Ender Star Ore (this one is pretty rare to find), and Enderium. There are also new materials added as well which are Void Crystal, Ender gold Ingot, Bloody Emerald, Ender Star, and Enderium Ingot. Moreover, there are new tool sets added by this mod too including Void Crystal tool set, and Enderium tool set. Anyway, this mod is still a work in progress and just 20% complete, so don’t you think that this mod has potential? There will be a lot more things added in the future for the next updates that keep coming up, maybe weekly or 2 weeks for an update. So, for now this mod is really early version of mod though.

If you have ever gone to the End and you find yourself have nothing to do except defeating the Dragon, so why not check this Ender Ores Mod out! Your End world will become the place which you can go and find some valuable ores for your awesome tool sets as well.

Ender Ores Mod Main Features

  • This mod obviously makes the End become much more interesting and is worth enough to often go there
  • There are some new ores added in the End
  • There are some new materials added in the End
  • There are new tool sets which made of those materials that are from the End

Ender Ores Mod Pros and Cons


  • Those new tool sets look quite interesting because of their durability and effectiveness
  • You will have so many things to do at the End instead of trying to defeat the Dragon
  • Many new ores and materials added for you to enjoy playing Minecraft again


  • This mod is just an early version, so it’s still a work in progress, just 20% complete. There is not much things added though
  • This mod requires Forge installed to your fresh Minecraft, so you have to waste your time finding the download link, download and install it before you can install and play this mod

How to install Ender Ores Mod

  1. Forge is importantly required, so get it and install first
  2. Select server or client to install (this is depended on your Minecraft)
  3. Download Ender Ores Mod for the right version to your Minecraft Launcher
  4. Browse to %appdata% and look for .minecraft folder
  5. There will be mods folder, just open it, but if you don’t have it in your .minecraft folder, just make one
  6. Copy and paste the downloaded mod into the mods folder
  7. Have fun
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