Ender Zoo Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

It seems to be this way that most people are boring as the game is dying because there is not really enough mobs to enjoy fighting with. This is just one of the aspect that have been resulted in time to time. So, what you need to do next to give the life to the world of Minecraft again? Just install new mod that adds in the mobs, that’s it. It’s just a piece of cake and if you don’t know which mod you should go for, I present you the Ender Zoo Mod.

Ender Zoo Mod

Ender Zoo Mod

Ender Zoo Mod

Ender Zoo Mod is a really interesting mod which will add new things to the world of Minecraft. The new stuff added are including 7 new mobs and 3 new explosives stuff. The new mobs added all based on the Ender type. Actually, this mod focuses primarily on a small collection of endearing fairytale entities that are mostly passive. The new mobs added including Enderminy, Fallen Knight, Falling Steed, Concussion Creeper, Wither Witch, and Dire Wolf. These are the new mobs that you can find them naturally in your world. The one that you have to be aware of most is the Wither Witch and its Wither Cat, once you pick a fight with the Witch, the cat will go aggressive and try to kill you.

Even if these new mobs might not be that tough to pick a fight with, but they are truly the new things that help to brighten up the world to be more fun and interesting to play with right? Looking all around the world seeing only those zombies and skeletons as well as creepers would give you boring feeling right? Moreover, the new explosives added including Confusing Charge, Ender Charge, and Concussion Charge. Once any of them triggered and exploded, it will affect the same thing with its name. More than that, you also receive the new feature to the enchantments as well. That can be applied to bow and decay that can be applied to sword. Of course the effects from this new enchantment will affect the wither effect once the target attacked.

With this awesome Ender Zoo Mod. You will have many new mobs to fight which all based on the Ender type. That will be different from those you’ve been facing for years. Let’s see how you will encounter them, even with the new powerful enchantments to your weapons, they might not be that easy to defeat though.

Ender Zoo Mod Main Features

  • This mod simply adds in 7 new ender mobs into the world of Minecraft
  • There are also 3 new explosives added as well
  • There are the new enchantments including Withering applied to bows and Decay applied to swords also

Ender Zoo Mod Pros and Cons


  • The new enchantments are truly ones of the most sensational thing added to the enchantments history of Minecraft
  • There are new mobs for you to fight with and that will be challenging as well not like those same old mobs like zombies and skeletons, let’s see how you will encounter them


  • Minecraft Forge is heavily required, so you have to download and install it first
  • There is nothing bad about this mod except the one mentioned above

How to install Ender Zoo Mod

  1. Download the mod named Ender Zoo Mod from the link download below
  2. Go to the official Forge download website and download the most compatible version
  3. Install Minecraft Forge first
  4. Copy the downloaded mod file
  5. Go to %appdata%
  6. Open in .minecraft
  7. Head into mods folder
  8. Paste the downloaded mod file that you just copies into the mods folder
  9. Done
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