Engelaire Map for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

If you are looking for new and creative map which gives you a world of fun and excitement. Engelaire Map is an excellent work which has been downloaded more than 1000. Personally, I think this is an idea that has been wonderful from The Flying Islands of Engelaire. Of course, many people know each other well. However, many players do not recognize. So I suggest you test these works with your self.

Engelaire Map

Engelaire Map

Engelaire Map

Engelaire Map this is last update and it’s amazing projects. The city of Engelaire is a newly born city without much history. People from different continents traveled or fled from home to seek a new place to live in peace, to end up together on this swarm of somehow flying islands. The cultures got mixed and is showed with a constant mix of different building material, and today, the city is one of the biggest, crowded city in the open ocean. Do you want to download and Install right now?

Engelaire Map Main Features

  • Great job to change the world to be beautiful. Furthermore, it is creative, and I suggest that you install it.

How to install Engelaire Map

  1. Download the Engelaire Map
  2. Open your Start menu.
  3. Go to “Run”
  4. Type “% appdata%”.
  5. File Roaming.
  6. Find “. Minecraft” folder.
  7. Then find the folder “save”.
  8. Copy and paste to your property.
  9. Change the name to “world1″, which will replace the one channel.
  10. Done!
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