Engineer’s Toolbox Mod

Have you ever found yourself running a pipe, wire or cable through a wall, but you didn’t want to leave a freaking hole in it. Or you might be in the mood that you want to run multiple cables or pipes through a single tile. Anyways, at some point you are going to need to build a machine which will be like your helper in harvesting the obsidian instantly. Let’s get to the point that what I mentioned above are in the mod called Engineer’s Toolbox Mod which you might find this one useful.

Engineer’s Toolbox Mod

Engineer’s Toolbox Mod 1

Engineer’s Toolbox Mod 2

Engineer’s Toolbox Mod is a really cool technology mod made by Emasher. It basically adds in Modular Sockets which allow modules to be installed in them to do certain tasks or functions. There are so many things that can be done with Modules like Redstone logic, Redstone Flux generation and usage, mining and moving items and fluids to and from various inventories.

Moreover, the functions are included of Ore Processing, Automatic Mining, Power Generation, Energy, Item and Fluid Storage, Energy, Item, Redstone and Fluid I/O Through One Block. Redstone Sensors, Block Movement, Compact Redstone Logic. Each socket has 3 internal inventories and 3 internal tanks. The way to use this mod will be completely complicated, but if you know how to use them wisely, your life in Minecraft will be really fun and convenient as those new functions allowed to be done by this mod are all truly useful. Everything is depended on the customization as well.

This Engineer’s Toolbox Mod is a way to combine multiple machines into a single block which will be really useful, but sometimes it will be too useful and too convenient. At some point, you will definitely find this mod a bit too overpowered.

Engineer’s Toolbox Mod Main Features

  • The Modular Socket added
  • Some new special blocks added
  • Those new special blocks can be customized to serve a number of functions

Engineer’s Toolbox Mod Pros and Cons


  • Sockets are compatible with BuildCraft facades which also work with both BuildCraft’s MJs and Industrial Craft
  • It can be easily used as power converters


  • Minecraft Forge is heavily needed if you’d like to use this mod

How to install Engineer’s Toolbox Mod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge with the most compatible version to your game
  2. Download Engineer’s Toolbox Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 with the most compatible version to your game
  3. Install Minecraft Forge
  4. Go to your Minecraft directory which should be %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft
  5. Look for mods folder
  6. Simply paste the downloaded .jar file into the mods folder
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