Environmental Creepers Mod 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

What would happen if we are going to pick up a fight with the creeper? Actually, most of us are really expert in doing this, but accident can happen all the time if we are not careful enough. So, dealing with them is no doubt something that is quite annoying if it explodes and destroy our beautiful home or environment. So, I present you guys the Environmental Creepers Mod that will allow you to control over the behavior of the creeper.

Environmental Creepers Mod

Environmental Creepers Mod

Environmental Creepers Mod

Environmental Creepers Mod is a mod that will add in some new and simple feature where can be used effectively when you are dealing with the creeper, there will never be any doubt at all afterward. Basically, once this mod is implemented to your world, you might not notice anything new or change because it just allows you to control about the explosion. Whether it’s going to damage things surrounded like the blocks below it or nearby environment.

Basically, you can configure the explosion of the creeper to have no effect on the blocks in the radius. Moreover, you can even extend the exploded charging time of the creeper as well. Normally, it would take like almost 3 seconds right? You can make it longer to 4-5 seconds, so that you have more time to kill or just to run away from them. Lastly, be sure that you run this mod with Minecraft version 1.9 or higher to prevent some bugs as well as install Minecraft Forge too.

Anyways, by implementing the features in this Environmental Creepers Mod will make your life against creeper become much more peaceful, but that seems to be like a lack of the taste of life. You just remove your spice from your favorite meal, how does that feel? It’s pretty much the same. Actually, it depends on individual preference, so there are some people like it and some just find it less interesting.

Environmental Creepers Mod Main Features

  • This mod allows players to adjust or control the behavior of the creepers better in a way it should be including explosion radius of the creeper won’t damage blocks nearby
  • The explosion count down time can be extended by configuring

Environmental Creepers Mod Pros and Cons


  • With this mod installed, you don’t have to rebuild again and again just to repair the area where creepers have exploded and left a big hold around your place
  • This mod will allow you to extend the time of the explosion count down which will make your life much safer


  • Creepers are less challenging for you, they will never be the same and it might make them feel like neutral mobs that you have nothing to fear about which is bad
  • Taking control of the wild creature would be a little bit too cruel and not natural
  • This mod needs Minecraft Forge to work without any problem

How to install Environmental Creepers Mod

  1. Download and install Forge first before continue installing
  2. Download Environmental Creepers Mod from the given link below and be sure to download the version that suit your game best, otherwise it won’t work
  3. Go to %appdata% and open in the .minecraft folder
  4. Look for mods folder and put the downloaded file in there
  5. All done
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