Environmental Tech Mod

There are many Multi-block machines which in early stages. Also, in every multi-block that has multiple tiers which adds features such as Multi-block Void Miners, Solar Panels, Lightning Rods, Nano Bot Beacon and etc. Okay guys! Let’s check this Environmental Tech Mod out when you ready.

Environmental Tech Mod

Environmental Tech Mod 1

Environmental Tech Mod 2

Environmental Tech Mod Main Features

  • Okay guys! let’s start to learn all about the Multiblock of this mod :
    • Start by the Multiblock Void Miners, they have mine resources from the void and still need some cost of RF to run.
    • Next, the Multiblock Solar Panels that produce RF from sunlight which support the Void Miners about cost.
    • And Multiblock Lightning Rods, just produce RF from Lightning strikes.
    • The Multiblock Nano Bot Beacon which will gives buffs to player at a cost of RF.

Environmental Tech Mod Pros and Cons


  • Allow you guys to get many Multiblock machines to improve your game better
  • You can customized your machine’s features which support many multiblock machines


  • Require the Forge Energy/RF and the Minecraft Forge before you guys using this mod

How to install Environmental Tech Mod

  1. Download and install the Minecraft Forge in the first step
  2. Download the Environmental Tech Mod
  3. Run at your windows menu bar and type %appdata%
  4. Drag and drop the file downloaded .jar into mods folders
  5. Launcher your game minecraft and done!
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