Equanimity Texture Pack

If you are not looking for simplistic and realistic texture pack, so please overlook this one. This is a Equanimity Texture Pack which is made for the latest Minecraft version. It’s quite new. So give it a go once, that won’t waste much of your times.

Equanimity Texture Pack

Equanimity Texture Pack

Equanimity Texture Pack

Equanimity Texture Pack is a texture pack which will become very popular pack and realistic looking. This pack comes with 32x resolution and made in a very high quality. If you love to build houses, towns, cities, this pack would be perfect for you. You might just create small fancy towns which this pack, that will look super awesome. Although, I have seen so much packs that are about realistic, I might refuse about it sometimes, most people do, but this one is the exception for me. Not only give the  realistic look, but also give senses of what is modern Minecraft would look like. I really love the bricks and wood blocks, those might be best designed in this pack, I mean the main character !

Equanimity Texture Pack Main Features

  • The resolution of this texture pack is 32×32
  • Simplistic very well-designed pack

Equanimity Texture Pack Pros and Cons


  • This is one of my favorite, and one of the best pack which is used to create towns and cities with realistic lookings.


  • As you know it is a simplistic realistic pack,  some people might get bored

Equanimity Texture Pack Change Log

  • Entity about enchantment table book, arrow, beacon beam added
  • New nether star, leather, name tag
  • New bone meal, and ink sac
  • Stained clay updated
  • Compatibility with the latest version of Minecraft

How to install Equanimity Texture Pack

  1. Download and install MCPatcher first.
  2. Download the Equanimity Texture Pack
  3. Go to start menu, type in %appdata% and look for ‘.minecraft’ folder
  4. Find ‘resourcepacks’ folder
  5. Drag and paste the downloaded file into the ‘resourcepacks’ folder
  6. Run Minecraft
  7. While in game, select the pack from the option menu
  8. You’re good to go!
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