Escape The Levels Map

Have you ever seen the Prison Break movie series right? Do you like it? Are you still looking for the map which look like the same with it? How about, if it becomes the Minecraft map for you guys to play, it sounds good right? Sure, it happened. I come today because of I really want to introduce you guys this interesting map called ‘Escape The Levels Map’ which contains the storyline like your favorite movie series.

Escape The Levels Map

Escape The Levels Mapis a map which made by the developer named AdamPlaysMC who are the Minecrafter. This map provides you a storyline which is pretty much the same as the title says and make you feel like a prisoner who need to escape from that area. But, be sure to note that the storyline of this map is not fully the same as the movie series, it’s just quite the same. You guys will be spawned in mysterious building and you should be seeing the details of the map as well like the things used to build the maze. It means that this map does not only offer you a game style like finding the way out of the maze, but also the very interesting structure of the maze which look incredibly mysterious. Moreover, in the storyline, you are a person who got jailed and try to escape from that area and also have to solve the puzzles while escaping.

If you guys looking for the map like the title says, you shouldn’t miss to try this map which will make you feel excited. Be sure to try this Escape The Levels Mapout! Are you brave and smart enough to find the way out!

Escape The Levels Map Main Feature

  • This is a custom map based on parkour style which is not only for running and jumping, you guys also have to find the ways out from the maze
  • Lots of puzzles in map for you guys to decode it

Escape The Levels Map Pros and Cons


  • When you play this game’s map, you will feel like you are in the Prison break movie series with the Minecraft’s theme
  • There are many puzzles in game for you to solve it, So you will feel different from playing other parkour maps
  • You guys will enjoy with the interesting storyline provided in the map
  • Allow 2 player Co-op in map


  • There is nothing more than finding the ways out, if you can find the way out easily, you will have nothing to do anymore in this map
  • If you are looking for the running map, this map is not proper for you because you need to solve some puzzles provided in this map, but if you do not try to solve it you will not be able to complete the game

How to install Escape The Levels Map

  1. Download Escape The Levels Map from the link download below
  2. Navigate yourself to your Minecraft directory which should be %appdata%
  3. Open .minecraft
  4. Find saves folder
  5. Take and drop the downloaded map here in the saves folder
  6. Start the game, select the new map
  7. Have fun and enjoy with this map
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