Essence Powder Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

Have you ever found yourself running out of place for mining or even the favorite place or cave to farm for resources? That happens a lot to most people here. So, what if you are allowed to duplicate the ores with some trick of processing? Will that be interesting enough just to alter that problem? So, just check and have a look at this Essence Powder Mod.

Essence Powder Mod

Essence Powder Mod is a really interesting mod, but I know that most of you guys are complaining that this kind of mod should be forever banned out of the game as you can duplicate the valuable ores easily. However, that depends on the cases and individual right to choose or not to choose playing with it.

Anyway, this mod gives in a new item called mortar and pestle which is the very first item you need as well in order to grind up agents for powders. Basically, you need to have a certain ore first like the diamond ones. You will need 4 of them. Simply place the mortar and pestle above the ores and you will get the powder form of diamond or diamond powder. After that, you combine these four filled within the crafting grid to result in diamond powder block. Then, start melting this powder block in the furnace and you will get the diamond block as a result. It depends on you whether you are going to extract this diamond block into 9 pieces of diamond ores of not.

What I really like about this Essence Powder Mod is a pretty creative concept that seems to be based on the realistic process of creating powder, but more importantly is that you actually have a new powder block which look quite well that might go along with the decorative stuff. Finally, I hope this mod would be useful for some of you guys and don’t forget to have fun with it.

Essence Powder Mod Main Features

  • This mod simply allows you to use multitudes of new essence powder in order to build, copy or clone the existing ores
  • Many languages supported

Essence Powder Mod Pros and Cons


  • It’s extremely useful when you are able to duplicate ores whenever you want without having to worry about running out of resources or even places for mining
  • Seems to be best suitable for survival maps where resources are limited like skyblocks or survival islands


  • This mod is kind of broken as you can create almost infinite supply of resources
  • It’s going to be tough for you if you are about to look for any server which have this mod installed because no online servers will
  • This mod is not going to work without the operation of the Forge installer though

How to install Essence Powder Mod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge form the official website
  2. Download Essence Powder Mod  from the link download below
  3. Next, navigate yourself into your own Minecraft directory or simply search for %appdata%/.minecraft by default
  4. Look for mods folder and open in
  5. Place the downloaded mod into the mods folder
  6. All done and you are good to go
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