EvenTime x32 Architectural Resource Pack 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.7.10

Have you ever seen the building or houses of your friends in Minecraft game? Are you interested to make it for your own too? It is not that hard to build it though, believe me because the most difficult part of doing it is to make it look good and beautiful. So, if you are not good at something like this, I have something new to offer you guys which is the new resource pack called EvenTime x32 Architectural Resource Pack.

EvenTime x32 Architectural Resource Pack

EvenTime x32 Architectural Resource Pack

EvenTime x32 Architectural Resource Pack

EvenTime x32 Architectural Resource Pack is a resource pack that made by the developer named kyctarniq. This pack is only running only in x32 resolution. It’s also like a title says that will allow you guys to build your own towers, villages or houses by using beautiful materials which have improved in this resource pack. It is not only changed the detail’s function of building materials to look much more realistic, but it also renovate the feature of tools, weapons and armor to become more beautiful and pleasant to look at. Moreover, the texture details of the armor set will even make your characters looks like a real warrior who are brave and smart! It’s probably going to change most of the texture which some of them, you might not be able to recognize but that won’t be the matter though as soon as you get used to all of them.

Finally, if you are looking the new resource pack giving you enjoy playing this game which everything seems to blend perfectly. I would recommended you guys to try this amazing resource pack. Even this pack is available for only x32 resolution, but you will get more fun with the different look of your world that will even make you attract to play the game much more with this EvenTime x32 Architectural Resource Pack!!

EvenTime x32 Architectural Resource Pack Main Features

  • This resolution of this resource pack is 32×32
  • All of materials were renovated to become more realistic
  • The feature of your tools, weapons and armor also changed to be beautiful and look awesome

EvenTime x32 Architectural Resource Pack Pros and Cons


  • You will gain brand new experience of this new texture when you see all things in-game become better than default or another resource packs
  • The overall looking will give you such an experience of old world of Minecraft which come along with the realistic looking for most of everything
  • All materials become more colorful and bright


  • There is only 32×32 resolution for you guys to use
  • Those who want the more realistic than this won’t be possible because there is only one resolution available which is 32×32
  • There is a mistake updating for 1.9,the 1.9 v1a, fixes the attack indicator

How To Install EvenTime x32 Architectural Resource Pack

  1. Before you going to download the EvenTime x32 Architectural Resource Pack from the link download below
  2. MCPatcher or Optifine are required, select one of them and download it with the latest version or the most compatible version
  3. Install MCPatcher or Optifine first
  4. Navigate yourself to your Minecraft directory by simply searching for %appdata%
  5. Go into .minecraft
  6. Open resourcepacks folder
  7. Place the downloaded pack here and select inside the game
  8. Start the game and enjoy with it.
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