Everlasting Abilities Mod

One of the most extra ordinary mods which turn out to be surprisingly simple is a mod called Everlasting Abilities Mod. Keep guessing from its name, that would tell you that you are going to get permanent abilities right? That may sound way too overpowered, also you still have no ideas what abilities you are going to get and how. So, let’s check it out for the way to use and what the mod requires.




Everlasting Abilities Mod is one of the mod that gives players such highly in-depth contents which have been designed specifically for those who enjoy casting spell throughout the world. Nevertheless, it’s not going to be exactly 100% just like you’re expecting it to be. This mod sets itself apart from any others spell-related mods out there. One reason is that any abilities that it adds are actually permanent which will stay with you forever. Also, you don’t need to worry about equipping specifically required items or even keep any certain items in your inventory to make them work. All you have to start with is use the ability bottle by right clicking it, then you will see that you are accessed to a new window consisting of multiple different abilities that you can utilize by dragging around these abilities onto your character. Also, if you look carefully, you can see that there is a number right? Yes, there is nothing free, by equipping with any of these abilities will require you a certain amount of experience which can be returned whenever you want to. This idea of involving with the experience system is pretty clever as the mod won’t be too overpowered. Some examples of the abilities would be, be able to fly, jump higher, and run faster, something like that.

This Everlasting Abilities Mod could be a new way to have fun with the game again. However, you need to have 2 things installed to your game first before you can get your hands onto the gameplay of the mod. First is the Minecraft Forge, next is the Cyclops Core Library. Once you have them installed, you can start enjoying these new abilities and be like superman who can do everything and change everything from impossible to possible

Everlasting Abilities Mod Main Features

  • This mod implements loads of different and unique abilities that allow players to equip
  • The abilities that equip into players’ characters will result permanently
  • Equipping abilities to the players’ characters cost certain amount of experience

Everlasting Abilities Mod Pros and Cons


  • This mod gives you a new way to spend your experience point rather than dumping it all for enchanting
  • Trading certain amount of experience to gain access to the new abilities permanently would be one of the most trade ever
  • You can even trade back the equipped ability with your previous experience if you feel like this one doesn’t suit your playstyle


  • This mod requires you to have Minecraft Forge with the most compatible version installed
  • You are required to have Cyclops Core Library installed for functioning with the mod and the game itself
  • Still, even if it does require some experience points, still if you have every single ability equipped, your character will be extremely overpowered anyway

How to install Everlasting Abilities Mod

  1. Download Everlasting Abilities Mod with the most compatible version from the link download below
  2. Download Forge installer and have it installed first
  3. Download Cyclops Core Library with the same version as your game and install
  4. Copy the downloaded mod file
  5. Head yourself into your Minecraft directory which should be %appdata%/.minecraft
  6. Open in mods folder
  7. Paste the downloaded and copied file here
  8. Done
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