Exiting the Lab Map

Exiting the Lab Map – Download and install Exiting the Lab Map! Do you ever bored about old map? Or Some time you want to get new experience, but you never get new challenges? Okay I know what you want. Today i have new map for you. Exiting the Lab Map is amazing mao for you. It’s awesome map version, this map will test your ability to solve things out and find your way out without any mistake. So, If you want to get new experience or more fun. You should downloading Exiting the Lab Map

Developer by Hghgnghd, thanks for awesome this Exiting the Lab Map

How to install Exiting the Lab Map

  1. Download the map file.
  2. Open the “run” search bar and type “%appdata%”.
  3. Open the .minecraft folder.
  4. Open your saves folder.
  5. Extract the downloaded zip file.
  6. Move the extracted folder into the saves folder.
  7. Enjoy!