Exp Chest Mod

Sometimes, mods that seem to be very useful turn out to be one of the least interesting ones because of what? Simply, the reasons behind that would be it’s complicated, it’s not completely clear. People nowadays tend to pay more attention to the simple and straightforward mods instead and that is what this Exp Chest Mod has to offer.




Exp Chest Mod is possibly worth trying out as everything it got to offer you guys are fairly useful. Reading from the title would tell you a little bit of a clue how this mod works right? Anyway, the mod allows you to build, craft, create or whatever a special chest. This special chest is a Exp Chest added by the mod which works as your new exp storage. Basically, it helps you to  collect and store any experience that you get from doing so many things like killing mobs and mining.what’s good about this thing? You may wonder why would I have to store exp as I’m going to use it anyway? Suppose that you’ve gained so many experience point and you already reach to level 30. On the way home, you accidentally fell off an extremely high cliff. As a result, you are dead and so are your exp. Everything that you have been doing is just gone. Starting from scratch over again. There are currently 2 variants of new chest including normal exp chest and ender xp chest. They both are useful as there is no limit of how much exp you would like to store in them. However, the normal

chest only let you store at 1 location only. On the contrary, the ender xp chest allows you to acxess anywhere on the map which is quite similar to the regular one in tersm of capacity.

So, if you feel like you are really good at gaining experience point from doing whatever in your daily life, then this Exp Chest Mod might be a really good offer for you to keep them safe, you don’t have to worry about dying anymore, especially in others’ servers which will drop everything upon death.

Exp Chest Mod Main Features

  • This mod adds in 2 new chests which are based on the experience point in Minecraft
  • They are regular exp chest and ender exp chest
  • Regular exp chest can store unlimitedly experience point, but it can’t be moved unlike the ender ones and the rest work pretty much the same

Exp Chest Mod Pros and Cons


  • This mod is completely useful to help you keep your experience point safe
  • When you are not going to spend your exp when you are at a really high level, you can store limitlessly of the exp point
  • The ender exp chest is really convenient as you can store the exp point any where you are without having to run back home


  • However, there must be some servers that have set that the exp won’t be lost when dead, so this mod is now useless for that
  • This mod relies on Minecraft Forge to operate properly and fully offer its best potential and feature

How to install Exp Chest Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge first as it’s required
  2. Download the mod Exp Chest Mod with .jar or .zip file from the link download provided below
  3. Go to %appdata% and look for .minecraft folder
  4. Find mods folder and simply place the downloaded mod file into this folder
  5. All done, start the game and check if the mod is installed and work properly
  6. Have fun
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