Expanded Redstone Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

Have you ever wondered that it could have been so much fun and more interesting with something new added in to the world of Minecraft? Don’t you feel bored playing with the old same content for years? Of course you do, so why don’t you give yourself a reward by getting some new mods installed and enjoy with it? Here, let me give you one with the mod called Expanded Redstone Mod.

Expanded Redstone Mod

Expanded Redstone Mod is a mod made by Reika, which is the one the many interesting mod made by him/her. Basically, this mod will add a new few machines and tools for the only main goal which is to make the redstone getting more attention and become much more useful and powerful as for now everyone seems to ignore its system because most people do not know how to use it as it’s quite a mess, but if you’re used to it, you’re going to love and find a way to improve the power of it. This mod does not seem to be a replacement for things like RedPower mod which there won’t be new things like wires, mining machines, and some other things added because this mod is based on a true or realistic technology mod. The list of the new machines added are included BUD, Camouflage Block, Item Effector, Block Breaker, Diamond, Iron, Stone, Wood, Block Placer, Signal, Chest Reader, Redstone Clock, Proximity Detector, Toggle Latch, Weather Sensor, Signal Emitter, Signal Receiver, Redstone Pump, Hopper Ticker, Signal Scaler, Column Decrementer, Wireless Analog Transmitter. With all those things added, you’re going to have so many new toys to enjoy with based on the true tech mod though.

Those who love to play with the redstone system are going to love this Expanded Redstone Mod as it really helps to give you the convenience of using the redstone as it becomes much more powerful and useful. Even if you’re not those who love to play with it, still you can start to learn about it and it might be your new cup of coffee.

Expanded Redstone Mod Main Features

  • Many new machines and tools added
  • Redstone is getting more attention by making it more useful and powerful

Expanded Redstone Mod Pros and Cons


  • According to those many new machines and tools added, some of them are very useful, for example, the block breaker which will break blocks in fron of it and drops them as items behind it which has 4 harvest levels including of diamond, iron, stone, and wood.
  • Now everything that already exist in your world used together with the redstone will be upgraded into another level which is more powerful and faster


  • This mod might not be necessary for some reason, it’s really suited those who want redstone system to work faster and more effient
  • This mod requires Minecraft Forge and RotaryCraft Mod might be needed in some cases

How to install Expanded Redstone Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge first, and if you want to use something in RotaryCraft Mod, you can install it too
  2. Download Expanded Redstone Mod by clicking into the link provided below
  3. Be sure to select and download the most suitable version according to your game version
  4. Go to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft
  5. Look for mods fold inside the .minecraft folder
  6. If you cannot find one, then create it yourself and name it ‘mods’ folder
  7. Drag and drop the whole downloaded file into this folder
  8. Start the game and check if the mod is worked properly
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