Extra Alchemy Mod

Today, I’m doing a review the mod showcase and gets its own little trade tab called ‘extra alchemy’ that gives you all new types of potions, arrows and a new type of item called the vial which the vial is basically a one-hit potion. Let’s take a look the Extra Alchemy Mod.

Extra Alchemy Mod

Extra Alchemy Mod 1

Extra Alchemy Mod 2

Extra Alchemy Mod 3

So, you know you want to drink it, you just do it and when you want to craft a vial you just need 3 thing, it’s a Glass that we need and the last thing is Flint. It’s look pretty easy to pre straightforward and very useful as you can see. Let’s do a jump boost on the game by use game mode (Just easy to game mode by type this /gamemode 0) that you will see instantly when you jumping. Another useful thing this far does! Now, you don’t need blaze powder to charge up your brewing stand, you actually just need a fire that infant lead burn. So, in peace another rack with fire and this will insulate and will work on forever.

Potion of Fuse:

  • However, I just test one of many potion that we have it called the fuse potion, it is definitely makes the entity explode that look powerful and you should wait countdown reaches zero. You can see damages on the blocks and entity

Extra Alchemy Mod Pic 1

Potion of Dislocation:

  • Another one that you sould to know it call Potion of Dislocation, this is amazing potion that make you move to fast around in 8 block radius. That’s mean help you to teleports to fast and easy to movement.

Extra Alchemy Mod Pic 2

Potion of Magnetism:

  • Next one is Potion of Magnetism which is need 1 Iron Ingot and 3 Awkward Potion to craft, this is a cool potion that make you feel like there is a magnet inside you, which you can pick up items in every direction. So, when you find an item and walk through it that will automatically suck those items into your inventory.

Potion of Sinking:

  • Okay, let’s see next one is the Potion of Sinking which will make entity which is craft using 1 clay and 3 water breathing and they’ll actually make entities sink in water. So, when you feel that swimming is easy for you. This potion will make your swimming difficult because it is suitable for exploring the depths of the sea. It will make you drown faster. I recommend you to using this potion for creative and exploratory caves in water.

Extra Alchemy Mod Pic 4

Potion of Recall:

  • Let’s check out the recall potion which it is right here. Okay, to craft that you need 3 potion of slowness with the eye of ender. Basically, if you standing somewhere and you thrown the potion on your self, then you have a limited amount of time. So, if you run this direction you got it for like 30-40 seconds and then you will back where you was.

Extra Alchemy Mod Pic 5

And finally, here is a list of the remedies you should get to know and test later. Potion of Pacifism, Piper, Crumbling, Concentration, Freezing, Return, Photosynthesis, Hurry, Cheat Death, Reincarnation, Combustion, Detection, Learning, Leech, Gravity, the 7 Seas and Charged Potion.

Extra Alchemy Mod is just one of the 24 examples of potions that I would recommend. It is very useful and allows you to enjoy more games and of course it supports the latest version of the game. So, we hope this will benefit all the old and new players.

Extra Alchemy Mod Main Features

  • Oh well, you will see all their different potions there’s 21 potion and each of them a little crafting recipe. And it can make your game easy when you have the mod that help to look more detail when you shift it tells you what it actually does.
  • So, press R this is made with fireworks star and awkward potions. Last, you can test this with you spawn like a spider by thrown the potion that you have to spider, then let’s take a look the effect of potion.

Extra Alchemy Mod Pros and Cons


  • This will let you to know more different potion that make your game more easier
  • And this not need blaze powder to charge up your brewing stand any more.
  • Last, it easy to drink and much more useful for you.


  • It has a variety of features which can confuse you.
  • You need to try it out to see what works for your craft.

How to install Extra Alchemy Mod

  1. Check your game that you have install the Minecraft Forge already.
  2. Find the locate of minecraft folder by go to run from the start menu
  3. Type %appdata% and hit the Run button
  4. You will find the locate of minecraft folder
  5. Then, copy and past the mod .jar into your mods/folder
  6. Don’t forget to launch minecraft and click the Extra Alchemy Mod
  7. Done!
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