Extra Bees Mod

Are you looking for something to enjoy with in Minecraft? This might be because you might feel bored of playing Minecraft right now. Maybe, you have nothing to do in your daily Minecraft anymore right? So, you might be looking for an interesting mod that could give you loads of fun or something for you to spend your valuable time with. So, let me give you this one then which is called Extra Bees Mod.

Extra Bees Mod

Extra Bees Mod

Extra Bees Mod

Extra Bees Mod is a really interesting and cool mod which developed by ‘Binnie’ I would say that this mod is like the best mod that is an awesome and amazing job that have ever been done in Minecraft ever. As much as you can guess of what this mod will do for you in your world. This Extra Bees Mod does what exactly what you’d think it does. Actually, this mod does add 91 new species of bees to breed, also includes 4 new native bees. There are about 105 new mutations to discover! About 56 new honey combs which each has different products. There are about 11 new machines to store, study and modify genetically your bees genetics as well. Those new machines added including indexer, this one store bee with the infinite number! Apiarist Databank, this is bee database. Acclimatiser, this one is a bee biome modification. The machine that create resource like DNA is called Genepool. Isolator, Replicator, Synthesizer, Purifier, Inoculator, Sequencer, and Splicer. That I did not tell you some roles for some machine is that I’d like you guys to check this awesome machine out by yourself, otherwise I might ruin some fun, it’s like a spoil though.

If you love breeding bee and want some extra bee species, this Extra Bees Mod is for you! Be sure to check and give this awesome mod a go! You will no more have to feel bored of playing Minecraft again anymore. You will have so many things to do for days in this Extra Bees Mod!

Extra Bees Mod Main Features

  • This mod is all about bees! So, it basically adds in 91 new species of bees to breed, 105 new mutations, 56 new honey combs, and 11 new machines for you to work with!

Extra Bees Mod Pros and Cons


  • You are getting your life back while you are playing Minecraft with this mod installed
  • Forget about being bored of playing Minecraft, you will have many new things to do in your world, instead of gathering resources, mining, farming and petting


  • This is a quite large mod, so if you don’t have enough storage for your Minecraft, your game might be crashed easily
  • Due to those awesome features given by the mod, you will have to download and install Forge first before installing this mod

How to install Extra Bees Mod

  1. Forge is heavily recommended and required, so click it, download and install it before install this mod
  2. Download Extra Bees Mod from the link below, be sure you download the right version for your Minecraft Launcher
  3. Go to %appdata%
  4. Open .minecraft folder
  5. Open mods folder
  6. Drag and drop the downloaded new mod into mods folder
  7. Start the game, check if the mod is worked and installed properly!