Extra Bit Manipulation Mod

Another standalone mod that won’t work very well towards its potential is a mod called Extra Bit Manipulation Mod. This mod is one of those that need to rely on some other mods and in this case. It tends to work alongside with Chisels & Bits Mod. If you are a fan of this mod, you shouldn’t miss this one because there are like extra contents that you can actually get and enjoy from this mod.




Extra Bit Manipulation Mod is a really interesting mod that need to be functioned with Chisels & Bits Mod in order to fully maximize the potential it’s got. Basically, it hasn’t been designed to work as a standalone mod as it won’t change the gameplay much. According to that, this mod simply adds in 3 new things including the Bit Wrench, the Wires, and the Spades. These 3 new items are very useful with various ways to utilize. Eventually, you will get a lot better at all construction related tasks, that’s probably the main objective of this mod. The Bit Wrench will only work with chiseled blocks as it’s been designed to, which will allow the block to be rotated. Simply, it’s the item used to adjust the positioning or invert position of the blocks. The Wires and Spades are actually the sculpting tools that allow players to utilize them to adjust the shape of blocks according to your preferences and styles. For instance, if you don’t like a full solid blocks, you can just shape them entirely hollow from the inside. You can even make closed ends or open ends as well.

Also, start using this Extra Bit Manipulation Mod, you need to craft those 3 new items right? The process of crafting is very simple. All you need are iron and diamonds, a lot of diamonds though. So, would it be worth if you really need to spend an ample quantity of diamonds to craft every single new item recipe that this mod has to offer which can be checked in-game.

Extra Bit Manipulation Mod Main Features

  • This mod implements currently 3 new items into Minecraft including Bit Wrench, the Wires, and the Spades
  • This mod need to run alongside with Chisels & Bits mod to make some changes to the game and contents
  • There are so many new recipes added in

Extra Bit Manipulation Mod Pros and Cons


  • Even if there are only 3 new things added, if you know how to utilize it correctly, they are very useful
  • You will get better at all construction related tasks with this mod installed


  • This mod has not been designed to operate perfectly as a standalone mod, so you will need some mods alongside as well like Chisels & Bits mod and Minecraft Forge

How to install Extra Bit Manipulation Mod

  1. Download Extra Bit Manipulation Mod file with the most compatible version from the link download provided below
  2. Download Minecraft Forge with the latest or the most compatible version as well
  3. Install Minecraft Forge
  4. Navigate yourself into your Minecraft directory or simply search for %appdata%/.minecraft
  5. Inside here, find mods folder and head into
  6. Place the downloaded file without extracting into the mods folder
  7. All done
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