Extra Utilities Mod 2

Welcome back to another mod and today we’re gonna be looking at some of the tool in the Extra Utilities Mod 2. These tools are pretty sweet that adds a lot of random item and block such as low-lag pumps, decoration, mob traps and farming, but you got to learn some things like crafting. Are you ready to continues? Let’s do this.

Extra Utilities Mod

Extra Utilities Mod 1

Extra Utilities Mod 2

Extra Utilities Mod 3

First of all, these days comes with its own in-game documentation that is the Extra Utilities Mod 2 Manual which show your about everything that you should to know, it’s pretty much lists that show you all the different stuff and there’s 87 page of stuff in this book. And I would like to recommend you guys some stuff that you should to have it, like the ‘Power System’ that is a little bit different from most other power system and ‘Power Generation’ there are several type of generators that you can get it, last the ‘Solar panel’ you shouldn’t miss this.

Okay, let’s talk about in the previous version of this mod, If you would like to install the older version that you have to know this item. the first thing you’re gonna want go to your death altar of dude heads and you’re gonna need to get your ‘division sigil’ that found in a dungeons or zombies, this is a randomly found item and it doesn’t have a crafting recipe. Next, what you want to do is you want to take this ‘division sigil’ and put down in an enchanting table, hold shift + right click and it gives you a bunch of commands. So, if you guys found with the exclamation marks on your commands that’s mean you still have to do and the ones with that the other mark is complete. You can found everything that you want in there, but remember that may be working in older version.

Extra Utilities Mod 2 Main Features

  • In addition, just like you find most of all designed for mining that adds new dimension such as: vanilla ores spawning at 2x rates, darkness is damaging and Mobs can spawn in deep dark, Magnum Torchs and Chandeliers will prevent spawning.
  • You can found the information the old version that here

Extra Utilities Mod 2 Pros and Cons


  • A lot of things have changed and update in the last version of minecraft.
  • There’s a lot of things to cover.
  • You can enjoy with another functions that have many stuff you can learn.


  • That need to install minecraft forge and you should to study many stuff in there

How to install Extra Utilities Mod 2

  1. Download and install the Minecraft Forge, beofre playing this mod
  2. Download the Extra Utilities Mod 2
  3. Go to run in menu bar on your windows
  4. Type %appdata%, you will found the .minecraft folder
  5. Don’t forget to drop the file downloaded into mods folder
  6. Open you launcher minecraft and let’s playing
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