Extra Utilities Mod

The title of this mod actually explains most of the things that this mod has to offer right? But there is still not images popped up in your mind. Basically, there is going to be a whole lot of new stuff added in which will brighten up the game-play aspect for a bit depending on the uses as well as your preferences. Hopefully, this is the Extra Utilities Mod that most of you have been looking for.

Extra Utilities Mod

Extra Utilities Mod 1

Extra Utilities Mod 2

Extra Utilities Mod has been designed to serve those players who can’t get enough of what Vanilla Minecraft has to offer. I mean those who have been playing this game for years would know how boring and the same of the game-play is as there is no new content except the update for more mobs and the environment. Anyway, let’s get into the point, this mod simply offers you guys the new utilities, items, as well as blocks which some of them will be extremely useful that will make your way of living become much more convenient. Of course, some of them are not useless at all, but they tend to focus more on the enjoyable game-play rather than being useful.

For example, you can now compress your 9 cobblestones into a single block and this will save up some space for the future use. One of the biggest highlight of this mod would be the colorful bricks. As this mod implements those brings along with 16 different color variants. You will now have a whole new set of blocks to use on your construction task with much more ease. Also, it’s very useful that this mod aims to cover you whenever it comes to the need of RF by using the Ender Generator that will start generating RF by using ender-lily seeds, eyes of ender or pearls. If that doesn’t answer your questions, what about the food generator that will convert any kind of food item into RF.

Sometimes, there is a situation where you can’t find any sources for your RF, so by converting any food items which be found and cooked easily, there is nothing to worry about it. By checking all the things implemented by this Extra Utilities Mod, it could be said that the gameplay experience has been taken to a whole new level.

Extra Utilities Mod Main Features

  • This mod basically implements a whole lot of different kinds of utilities just like the title suggests.
  • There will be new blocks and items added into the game coming along with new and interesting functionalities

Extra Utilities Mod Pros and Cons


  • Some of the new utilities added are extremely useful that will make your life a whole lot more convenient
  • Your construction task won’t be the same anymore as those brinks are implemented with 16 different color variants added


  • Minecraft Forge is heavily recommend to install first
  • Due to all the new items, blocks and utilities added, some of them will be bringing the game to a whole new level which you might not feel the same anymore because of the changes

How to install Extra Utilities Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge first as it’s heavily required
  2. Download the mod named Extra Utilities Mod with the most compatible version from the link download provided below
  3. Go to %appdata% and look for .minecraft folder
  4. Open in .minecraft and look for mods folder
  5. Copy and paste the downloaded file into the mods folder
  6. All done and have fun
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